6 comments on “Q&A with Miss World Philippines 2018 Candidate #30 Rose Marie Murphy

  1. The only two beauty pageant contestants that look great with and without make up on are Pia And Kylie . Every one else ( including Megan Rose Murphy etc) looks just like every other regular Filipina.

  2. She was one of those I tried to research on during BP 2018.
    I came out with other girls on top.
    Maybe with the right styling , she will do better this time.
    If they could package Venus Janine MJ and Shamcey as winners , why not her ?

  3. This lady is a darkhorse to me. I like her for Reyna Hispanoamericana. She is Fil-Am, talented, down to earth na may konting kalandi-an.. i dunno sana makakuha ng minor crown (although suntok na sa buwan ang MWP).

  4. Kung papiliin ako between her and arriene. I will choose arriene. I hope mag ala karen ibasco sya sa mwp but base on mwp performance type. Karens performance was for MEP performance type pero pwede din bbp performance type ung kay karen. Kahit RH sana makuha ni arriene. Pero feeling ko may makukuha syang title since may idadagdag ang mwp makapasok lang yan sa semis derederetso na yan. Lamunera din naman ng mic.

    • I like Arienne’s Intensity .
      If Sophia and Chris V’s daughter could win an international pageant , why not Adrienne?
      I wonder if the MWP organization would be gutsy enough to give her the MWP crown?

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