24 comments on “Pia, Maxine, Ara and Catriona for the ABS-CBN Ball 2018

  1. Until now, hindi pa rin nakamove-on si Pia sa rivalry nya with Ariadna. Lutang na lutang sa aura nya ang insecurities nya with the Latina beauty queen.

  2. they all look gorgeous especially Cat…yan ba yung mataba? she looks sexy to me

  3. It was a charity event for bantay bata.. So I wud say, the carefree and understated approach of Cat’s suited the event we’ll.. Compared to Pia’s trying hard much to stand out.. Her supposed sleek metallic look was overshadowed by Christine reye’s and colleen’s better versions and execution of her supposed envisioned stand out look. Poor pia. Too much going on in her look.. Nag effort pa sya whole body tan.

  4. Kudos to Pia for trying a new look.

    Cat looks divine.

    Maxine is cute.

    Ara gained weight and the boobs looks more prominent. Is she pregnant?

  5. Catriona is very beautiful and of course her gown. Kudos to mak tumang. Bagay na bagay kay cat and styling and make up on point. Sana umawra awra pa sya habang naglalakad sa red carpet pa fierce habang naglalakad. But still she look very MUish that night. Mas lalo syang pumayat. Ok na ung ganyan kapayat basta i toned nalang nila. On her final gown sa MU i think the color is combination of our flag colors. Not the style exactly of our flag kase hinde Pwede right? Plus full of pearls. Kase sabi not just sexy but with symbolism in her gown. Kung ganon match ung the sun and 3 star earcuff nya. Sana ganun nlang ulit earcuff nya. Pero sabi new earcuff daw. Sayang sana ibang earcuff sinuot nya nung bbp. Baka naman universe earcuff ang gagamitin nya. Hehe.

  6. Pia’s is a miss. Tranny-ish. Cat is uber gorg. Maxine is very cute. Lovely. Ara’s is okay-ish.

  7. The top 3 are gorgeous .
    Ara has gained a bit of weight . And it’s taking a toll on her face .. especially her nose

  8. Pia is international caliber

    Catriona is so so like her fake suso na kalevel ng bilbil nya
    mukha tuloy flat ang harap nya.

    Maxine and Ara are pretty

  9. Paki feature naman ang 2016 Queens na visible pa din… Maxine, Kylie and Nicole na nasa Abs Cbn Ball din… Si Pia nde talaga nag pa picture sa ibanv queens.. Maganda sana kung nagpa picture lahat ng Binibini alumni

  10. Parang lumobo yata si Ara. Di ko feel hairstyle ni Maxine. Catriona looks the same, walang bago. Akala ko si Ariadna si Pia sa first picture. Sarap ni Marlon.

    Mga copycats, hanap kayo ng sariling name nyo. Mga walang originality. Eeeew!

  11. Pia is slaying as usual laging may pasabog. Cat looks beautiful as well even with the obvious rushed gown. Ara looks dry and Maxine looks like Ryzza Mae Dizon lol.

    • Sanse Nope , Is Maxine ugly … or is Ryzza MAE pretty ? Ano ba ang tinutumbok mo?
      Sus Pareho lang ng bangs kamukha na raw.
      Tse hihihi

      • Sanse Nopunieta, I guess there’s only six degrees of separation between ugly and beautiful in your eyesight

  12. I would say I am loving the new look of Pia!! Hope she gets more international exposure!!. Cat looks good too but she should have that fierce attitude like Pia. Ara’s boobs looks a little bigger. Maxine is really baeutiful/

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