17 comments on “Miss Asia Pacific International 2018 Evening Gown Competition

  1. Filififens again!!! I am getting tired of seeing her winning or getting a runner up position on all this awards.. Let the other ones win!! They have traveled so far just to end up clapping for Philippines!!! OMG!!!

  2. Sharifa deserved to won the Best in Evening Gown because she’s a strong personality, nice gown, self confidence and excellent poise & bearing…To my fellow Filipinos be proud & support for the win of Sharifa…

  3. I wouldn’t mind if the Philippines win this contest. I just wished she joined a different pageant 😏 She should join B.B. Pilipinas after this 😋

  4. cooking show

    no credibility at all

    Minana lang naman nila kay miss shuck ito tas lumipat siya sa
    Miss Earth para duon mag chef

    luto pa more

  5. the Girls looked happy when Brazil and Uruguay were announced .
    Norman , where is the picture showing the same when Philppines was announced as the winner ?
    I would like to see that !

  6. Ugh. Philippines again. I wouldn’t mind it so much if she didn’t look so manly. The preferrential treatment is so embarrassing.

  7. The same 3 also topped the best in swimsuit award.

    Looks like it will be a fight among Brazil, Philippines and Uruguay.

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