20 comments on “Janine Tugonon on the cover of Salyse Magazine

  1. It looks like Janine has stopped taking her gluta. She coulddefinitely pass for an African woman.

  2. Eto talaga ang pure Pinay beauty. No doubt about it. Matalino pa. Di kagaya ng mga recent reps natin ngayon na mga halfies na. Articulate nga, mukha namang banyaga. And don’t get me started about walang totoong Pinoy dahil mixed na ang blood sa ibang lahi. Ang totoong Pinay ay Malayan ang features. Ewan ko sa mga bakla dito.

  3. One of my favorite beauty queens just because her performance during the finals of 2012 MU was among the rare moments when I felt proud to be Filipino.
    She was simply stunning in all segments of the competition.
    For me, she is the first Filipina who was actually robbed.

    • Was she robbed? Yes. Was she the best that night? I don’t think so.

      Janine was outstanding that night. But Irene Esser of Venezuela was the runaway winner until she messed up in the Q&A round.

      • You said JT was robbed, which means the winner Miss USA wasnt the best girl for you that night. Overall, Venezuela didnt do well in Q and A…So who was the best that night?

      • I agree. It was Esser’s crown to lose and she did so spectacularly.

        Parang Maxine Medina na nagmaganda sa Q&A when they have interpreters available. Ugh.

    • So most of the time , Jeremi, u r ashamed to be Filipino ?
      Should we send U gluta for Christmas ?

    • Are u the real jeremi who scrubs the floor of cruise ships? Whats d latest count of cities youve been to?

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