39 comments on “Judging the Binibining Cebu 2018 Preliminaries

  1. oh my what happened to this blog???? miss those times with real discussions and occasional tongue-in-cheek comments….this has turned into a cesspool…

  2. Sir Norman … Please block these impertinent commenters or delete their comments. Ang babastos at ang sasagwa ng mga comments nila.

  3. May the best girl wins. This is a good stepping stone for many of these ladies to prepare for future national contests – if their ages meet the requirements of course.

  4. Why Apriel won over the more pleasant beauties Lo and Maria, I don’t know.
    I hope someone really deserving wins this time

  5. norman I don’t know if you are enjoying to read all those comments coming from these people. I hope you have the initiative to block these nasty people. Admit it that your blog is being read by not merely Filipinos but other nationalities. So if you allow this kind of profanities it merely drag your blog site as a haven for squatters.

  6. Siguro, if nag-KF si Catriona ngayon, baka maliit na tiyan nya. Mas malaki talaga ang chances nya if nag-KF camp siya.

    • Beware Qory Sandioriva is a predator na inggiterang bakla na mahilig sa solvent boys at may durog na durog na arse!!! Beware of this creature!! Ngayon, famous ka na talaga!

  7. Si Amman ay parang si Catriona. Malalaki ang mga tiyan. Wala yatang uso gym sa kanila. Sagwa tignan.

  8. For now , Covert vs Murphy
    But Miss Naga City is Best in Evening Gown for me
    She has the prettiest face

  9. Hello all: I am Zivanna Letecia aka Qory Sandioriva. Different names, the same buteteng bakla. Halika sabihin namin: We are Qory Sandioriva and Zivanna Letecia, mga inggiterang bakla na may durog na durog nang mga arses!!! Hahahaha!!

    • @ Toni : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Pageant season started a little early this year. Plus, Mr. Tinio is now SO IN DEMAND that his blog has gotten more variety. He has ARRIVED. But he is also now much more busy.

      When are Patalinjug and Gumabao leaving for their respective assignments? Mabilisan na’to!

  10. Carmen’s gown is an obvious reference to Davina Benett’s, with a Kevin Liliana touch.

    The designs are dull-dead. Walang kabuhay-buhay, walang libog. Tried hard to be glam but epic fail.

    Maitland-Smith should have asked Cobonpue for ideas.

  11. Maayong Gabii Pilipinas hihihi 🙂
    Ako c Sandra Lemonon ang Miss Bilbilbil 2018 ng Cebu Cherette hihihi 🙂
    Unta suportahan nyo ako sa Star Hunt at sa PBB kung sakali hihihi 🙂

  12. why show only 31 contestant in swimwear, what happened to the rest? are these mr normans pick?

    • It was tricky judging and taking photos from the judges’ table at the same time. Sorry that I wasn’t able to take a shot of everyone.

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