31 comments on “Katarina Rodriguez VS Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez for Miss World Philippines 2018?

  1. I am gloria – your Miss gay pangkalawakan 2019, Miss bilbiling mandaluyong 2020 and Miss Saling Pusa Miss Multinational 2019!!

  2. Rodriguez for RH, Muhlach for Multinational, Montagne for Eco-International. Give the World to a fresh and unheralded face! I fully agree with sleuth08 (below).

  3. Maureen is the most classy
    Katarina is the hungriest
    Muhlach has the showbiz exposure to boot

    My hope is that Katarina wins MWP , Maureen loses and joins BP next yr , and Muhlach gets one of the minor crowns

  4. give the MUP crown to katarina! I think she’s the best in this batch to represent us sa MW. She’s almost prepared though i feel na marami pang kailangan ayusin. i need a demure, sweet and finesse aura. more of that less the bubbly and all na parang pang MU or Supra or RHA. since wala naman nang swimsuit si MW, wala naman nang problema kay Kat. aminin nio hirap talaga siya magpaliit ng waist.

    Alyssa can be 1st princess and join again next year if pwede pa siya. sayang lang kasi if mapunta siya sa multinational lol

    I still want Maureen to compete at BBP. feeling ko lang naman mas brighter ang future niya don. lol

  5. Abangan kung sino hahakot ng awards sa finals, although last year Thomalla got most of the sponsor awards, but when the Q&A portion came, I knew already it’s going to be Laura.

  6. I will go for Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez though she is new to the pageantry, she’s very beautiful inside and out, talented, humble and withiut attitude problem…such character will let her win the MWP18 crown!!!

  7. Without a doubt, Kat is the most prepared, most experienced among the ladies. her experience in Miss Intercon will help her a lot. but alyssa has that raw, blank canvas that can be molded,

    But let’s face it. In the end if manang Julia doesn’t see her as miss world then she will not win.

    I feel manang Julia wants someone who is prepared but too polished (ruffa in 1993 and of course Catriona in 2016 – they are polished, they are prepared but both did not win). and I think she wants someone who hasn’t competed in other pageants be it major or minor.

  8. it’s still Katarina for MWP18. I just wish she shows a different, more sophisticated and mature side ( a la Manushi or Rolene Strauss) paminsan minsan apart from her usual very energetic fierce and bubbly personality (na very MU talaga not MW)

    without the ‘Muhlach’ surname, i dont think Alyssa would even be considered as the flagbearer of KF. I think the flagbearer should have been Jerelleen Rodriguez or Chanel Morales. IMO Janella Cuaton may have faired better had she joined this year instead of last year

    the closest competitions of Katja are still Kim de Guzman and Maureen Montagne. Tho now im realizing that Maureen may already have let go of the possibility of joining BBP. She’s 25 now, if she wins a crown, it will tie her to MWP org for at least one year. By the time matapos contract nya BBP2020 na ang maabutan and she’ll be 27 by then lagpas age limit na

    • MJ was 26 when she won Binibini. She was 27 when she competed in MU.

      Stephany Stefanowitz screened for BBP at the age of 27. We all know what happened.

      • May weird case tho. Si Stephany Stefanowitz hindi pinayagan makasali dahil 27 na sya when she screened, pero this year si Loren Artajos 27 na rin sya when she screened and she made it as an official candidate. Pero kasi wala naman announcement from BPCI na nag adjust sila ng age limits

  9. There is no competition here. Katarina’s beauty is of another league.
    That’s all. Bye!

    • There is no competition here. Katarina’s beauty is of another league. That’s all. Bye! Im off to work scrubbing the floors of this big ship going to different cities around the world. Im going to the different palengkes of these cities to haggle.

  10. Alyssa>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Katarina. Smile pa lang talo na ni Alyssa si Katarina. Katarina will win MWP tho as she is the favorite of her camp and the org.

  11. I think its Katarina versus Maureen….with Katja for Miss World and Maureen at Reina Hispanoamericana.

    • Maureen the Photoshop Queen is not Big 4 rep material, have you seen her candids and how she looks like in motion? The gap between her professionally taken shots to how she really looks like is just too big.

  12. Give it to Kween Kat. She paid her dues. She showed maturity after the 1st runner up in MIC. She will do well in Mess World despite Lola Julia’s cooking show.

    I’d love to see a Cat and Kat win…hihihihih Cat and Kat…

  13. Alyssa would look so much better w/ a leaner musculature and fit looking abs to neutralize those very feminine bonestructure and facial features..

    Katarina needs to bulk up her outer thighs and buttocks to create a more hourglass figure.. while some Radio frequency on her nose and cheeks would emphasize her very symetrical face.

    Based on credentials Katarina is the most rounded individual from physical beauty, modeling, sports, academics and philantrophy hence the MWP crown is hers to lose.

  14. Si alyssa parang unfierce peg ni ruffa nava in some Pose/angle katulad ng pic nya s taas. idk pero notice ko talaga. Anyway! Nakukulangan ako sa spark ni ateng alyssa. But shes a beauty queen material also. But multinational is the title that i can give to her this year. Or runner up muna then join next year so that time she will become more competetive. She can join bbp also.

  15. Both have potentials to be MWP 2018. To round up the Top 6, I’ll include Maureen Montagne, Kim De Guzman, Kimi Mugford and Jerelleen Rodriguez in my list.

  16. They’re both stunning but I’d still go for Kat. Well seasoned na sya. And again sana lang spanish speaker din ang manalong rep natin for RHA.

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