15 comments on “Binibining Cebu 2018: Bringing Sketches to Life

  1. This goes to show that Cebu is way, way ahead from the other regions in organizing, marketing and staging its local beauty contest. Bb. Cebu is clearly packaged as a product of Cebu, with the sole purpose of promoting Cebu’s tourism destinations, LGUs investment opportunities, and Cebu’s creative talents. The exposures and activities that contestants had to go through in 2 months are good training opportunities for them and their handlers in preparation for the pressures/activities in the national derby. The prizes at stake are also high, with the full support from the sponsoring LGUs for each lady.

  2. I think “long gown” is redundant. I have not heard of a short gown. Ditto, “evening gown”. Except for a day-time wedding, who wears a gown in the daytime? MI’s “Best Dresser” sounds weird, too.

    I want aerodynamic designs like those worn by Habach, (Taliana) Vargas, and (Zuleyka) Rivera.

    Barraza’s sophisticated column for (Ariadna) Guttierez and that red carpet-worthy glimmery-revealing black gosammer vision worn by Poonlertlarp last year are ETERNAL MU HISTORY!

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