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  1. panalo na ito
    hanglaki ng motoh
    japanese anime ang peg
    gusto ng mga hapon

    Astrogirl ang peg

  2. Hindi ba talaga pwedeng hasain muna ng maigi bago isabak? I love Ahtisa but it’s too soon to pit her in an international pageant. She is very young at 19 or 20 and she needs more experience for the pageant that only age can give. She is another big potential that might be put to waste. Remember the Janicel effect versus Pia effect?

    • @ Eustaquia : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      I think we are comparatively safe(r) with Manalo, as she seems to be the antithesis of the vulnerable Lubina. If you recall during the BBP 2018 Profiles, Ahtisa expressed early on her desire to enter the police service. In short, she seems more self-assured.

      And if you will check the ages of the current field at MI, you will see that not a few are below 20. And the “long-legged” (Mimilanie) Marquez got away with murder at just 15!

    • Hi, Andrew! During Mimilanie’s time, beauty queens were born to win it. In this day and age, beauty queens are forged like what Osmel Sousa, Rodgil Flores and Jonas Gaffud did to a dozen of international beauty queens. Pia is the perfect example to that. Anyways, I am praying for Ahtisa and I hope she will prove my hypothesis wrong. Have a good day! 🙂

  3. Top 5 or winner for me. Most likely top 5 unless Miss International wants another Filipina and asian to win after 2 years. 🙂

  4. Meh I don’t see what you’all see in this one. Her nose is way too long for her face. Nevertheless, good luck to her.

  5. Naguguluhan ako sa hitsura nitong si Ahtisa. Malaki ba talaga mukha niya o maliit? putochop lang ba mga ito? kasi sa candid nya laki ng mukha eh

  6. I prefer and like her hair style on the top pic for the gown competition….to show and emphasized of her facial beauty. The lower pic suits her for swimsuit competition..

  7. Light make-up and wavy hairstyle. Simplicity is beauty. She doesn’t need to over glamorize her look because she is already a stand out. She doesn’t need to be over confident because this might turn off the judges and organizers. She just needs to be herself. No pressures, no worries! She is a potential winner for Ms. International 2018 and I have indeed high hopes for her.

  8. We predicted that this girl will get a binibini crown and she proved us right with her performance both segment. Shes only 19 and she proved her worth for the crown. Sana naging ist runner up nalang muna sya so she can join again til makuha nya MUP. Theres more room for her better MU transformation since bata pa lang sya. Hayssss. How i wish iba na may ari ng Miss Universe Philippines after 2 or 3 years no other titles so possible na makasali pa sya if ever right?. Or she should join mwp. Pwede din sya don. But if she wins in Miss International. Well ok na din. As fabian said yeah i agree need pa sya i soften. Need alisin ang parang may pagkamaldita na looks. She need to train her smile. She just need a minimal make up. Sa hairstyle idk hehe what kung mala 80 or 90s or mala hapon 80 o 90s ang hairstyle nya since maganda naman sya. Gandahan nalAng nila ang make up at pagaayos sa buhok. Throwback lang ang peg sa hairstyle hehe. Wala lang para maiba baka magustuhan din ng mga hapon.

  9. She’s my favorite along with Cat.
    At 19, she sounds confident and very articulate.
    She was my first runner up and future MUP
    If they can soften her look and demeanor prior to the pageant , she may do really well.
    Pls no to curly hair .Leave it to the blondes.

    • Pakialam mo ba sa buhok nila? Obsesed ka masyado sa buhok ng mga babae. Problemahin mo yung panot mong buhok. Baklong tow!

  10. Her transformation is evident just like all the other Binibinis except for one who is over confident and thinks that she could win Miss Universe by sheer determination alone. I think she has the wrong people behind her. It’s barely 3 months before her pageant but her body still needs to be toned specially her midsection.

    Oh dahlinn’ Catriona look at your body infront of a full size mirror and work out. Don’t listen to those “yes” ugly gays that surround you.

    • Throwing acid in Cat’s face where it shouldn’t be?
      That’s very Jeremi.
      Cat is not out of shape . It’s her normal anatomy .
      Listen, many perfect bodies hAve been eliminated after swimsuit round in favor of the less perfect ones . Judges take the whole picture not just the measurements.

      BTW, I have a similar sentiment. She should go back to A&Q. I just like the way they package their candidates at MU – from Venus to Maxine.

      • Hi Fabie,
        Your comment is also very Fabian. At least we recognize each other in a blog which is flooded with fakes, wannabes and copy cats hahhaha… that’s just my opinion. Cheers!

      • Yes of course! Once Catriona sets foot on the MU stage, I will become her supporter. That is human nature but for now, I don’t see her going all way to the top 10.

    • This is the same palengke queen, janitor jeremi na galit na galit ke pia kase mas maganda si pia kesa sa kanya. Di daw mananalong kiss universe, ayun pahiya. Bakit di na lang kasi linisin ang sahig ng cruise ship para madagdagan pa mga siyudad na mapuntahan, nagaaksaya pa ng panahon dito. Hggle na sa palengke mister janitor este mistrbjeremi

  11. Girl has a pretty face and is a good communicator. A bit timid, but that is not a negative for her pageant. And most importantly, she is young! She should give another pageant a try, too. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but perhaps MWP?

  12. Please do not age her! She looks Indonesian here, too. Like Mr. Tinio’s exclusive on Sonia Fergina.

      • @ Fabian Reyes : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        Sincerest apologies! Erroneous statement construction on my part. Did not mean to associate Indonesian ladies with looking old(er).

        This is what I was trying to drive at : the ultra-sophisticated look above aged her. And, the heavy eye shadow looks quite similar to what Fergina did (to herself).

        Nonetheless, I am quite optimistic Manalo will at least get a “coronita” from (Diana) Croce. The Ponjap may find her mental steeliness endearing. It is a misconception they are totally given to being withdrawn. On the contrary, they like silently-poised strength, like ninja ready to unleash shiriken.

        But we shall get a first glimpse of her inner assasin from the quality of her ikebana.

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