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  1. And so it is official.

    MUO accepts Angela Ponce as Spain’s official representative to the 2018 Miss Universe beauty pageant. It is a big leap for the LGBTQ having its member being recognized as transwoman legitimately competing in this most prestigious beauty pageant. Indeed, IMG is not only living to its “diversity in beauty” campaign but is also promoting gender equality.

    I don’t have anything against a transwoman joining Miss Universe. After all, I don’t have a stake in the organization. The organization has always the “final say” for its brand. If the sponsors view that this MUO’s decision will be widely accepted, then it won’t affect their investment. Otherwise, there will be a backlash as a consequence thereof.

    With that, will BPCI follow suit? If yes, will half of the beauty screeners in the next edition of BbP beauty pageant be composed of transgenders? Let’s see.

    I have read some comments in blog posts (normanblog included) that a majority of transgenders in the Philippines do not favor Angela Ponce’s then-possible entry in the Miss Universe pageant. For them, the pageant is not getting exciting if the delegations are no longer 100% natural-born women. They said why would not a transwoman join a beauty pageant for transgenders? While LGBTQ deserves equal treatment, LGBTQ themselves think that Miss Universe is a pageant for natural-born women.

    Your thoughts, dear readers, Tito Norms?

    That’s all.

    • Ana W, I agree that transgenders shouldn’t be allowed to join male or female beauty pageants because they aren’t either even after their physical transformation. They deserve to have their own pageant. I learned from my general science subject that physical change is not the same as chemical change. I thank you. 😂

    • sorry pero they can accept him all they want pero many will still disagree with a man joining miss universe

    • @ Ana Winter : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Pa-check na rin, dear, sa gender ni Trejsi Sejdini (MU Albania 2018). Thanks, po!

  2. Pics are deserving . I want to see them talk and walk to see who really stand out .

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