13 comments on “The 50th Mutya ng Pilipinas Winners

  1. There is also Miss Global City 2018 to be held in China to be represented by Nicole Liwanag of Batangas, is this different from Miss Global Beauty Queen to be held also in China next month, Global/Globe were gasgas title same as Tourism

  2. Is it true na kaya di pinanalo kahit man lng runner up c Ancheta dahil A&Q sya at KF naman dw talaga yang Mutya (narinig ko lng from a MUA of a certain camp)… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    peo kung hilaw pa naman din xa cguro nga mag prep muna xa… pag nahasa yan lalo nakow lagot lahat!

    Congrats kay Akeel, from laglag sa Reyna ng ALiwan to Mutya ng PH!

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. I had sharifa on top from the start i dont really get the hype on nina ancheta i thought she looks dry and some of her candid shots aint convincing. she has potential though….the winners all deserve their crowns good job mutya!

  4. Sharifa is likely to do well if not win MIss Asia Pacific.
    Just sweeten up her facial features .
    I like her energy and enthusiasm .
    And her interpersonal skills seem exellent as well.

  5. Siguro nga Nina Ancheta wasn’t ready as a pageant girl. While I believe that she is the Face of Mutya, she may be lacking the qualities of a beauty queen. I hope she won’t get disappointed. She is too young (21). Ihanda n’ya ang sarili if she wants a crown.

    O ‘deba, halos about Nina ang comment dito? Kaloka.

    That’s all.

  6. Jusko anyare I thought that Ancheta girl had it in the bag, ni-runner up placement waley. At least pwede na agad siyang gumora sa bbp next year, mag-train ka na ng husto gerl.

    • Nope B. , she ain’t got it yet . She doesn’t have the walk and the talk yet . And her still pics are way better than her motion pics.
      Don’t worry , she is from A&Q . With proper training , she will make it big time.

      • How tall is she? If below 5’7” then bye gurl hihihi I don’t watch Mutya so I just based everything on pics, I’ve seen her candids and she looked great but if it’s true that she doesn’t look as good in motion then she really might just be photogenic. Anyway, ngayon pa lang dapat tine-train na siya ng camp nya for bbp nest year.

    • Nina , despite the lack of training , should have won MTI . I’m not sold on Aya Fernandez

  7. what happened to ancheta? lagare nman yung winner na si akeel…kakapanalo lang sabak agad sa MAPI…ano yan wala man lang preparation? pano gown nya? off the rack nlang?

  8. I’m glad Nina Sanchez did not win
    Mutya just lost its chance of a likely back to back at MIss Tourism International… which would have been possible if pleasant beauties like Nina or Paula had won the title.
    I have hope these 2 and Sharifa join BP.

    Sharifa in my opinion is deserving of the title . She is pretty , articulate , and very comfortable on stage . The bangs however make her look like a boxer than a queen.

    • Btw, Nina needs more training . Medyo sakang pag naglakad . She’s from A&Q. I am sure they willl train her well

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