12 comments on “The 50th Mutya ng Pilipinas: Of Difficult Assessments and Fearless Predictions

  1. Whoever will win Mutya ng Pilipinas Asia Pacific International tonight, she has no time to celebrate after the victory because she will immediately compete at Miss Asia Pacific International 2018 after the pageant. So two and a half more weeks of endurance for this winner.

  2. I don’t know what Sharifa did for her talent show. Was it a Middle eastern or an Indian song and dance?
    It does not matter though . That performance proved she can work the stage

  3. Who made up these ridiculous pageant titles??? So there is Tourism International and then Tourism Queen of the Year International??? So which one is the minor title??? lol……sounds very promdi.

  4. Sharifa and Pauline are good talkers
    Nina needs to go deeper with her answers . She still does not have the queenly persona.
    I don’t know how the others talk. I have yet to see their videos

  5. All A’s for me now (hanudaw) hahaha Ancheta, Akeel, Amelincx and Aya…bugbugan din kasi tong mga toh… haha! Laban na lang guys, may the best woman win ❤ ❤ ❤

    Tito Norman, happy 2 years!

  6. For me , Nina should be MIss Tourism International . This pageant usually looks for a pleasant beauty . Being from the US, I assume she is very articulate too. Her win or a good placement at MTI will likely propel her to a win at BP hopefully as MUP or MIP

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