39 comments on “Eva Patalinjug’s Official Pre-Arrival shots for Miss Grand International 2018

  1. So the shot is like 2/3 of her height………hahaha….GOSH calm down with those probinsyana looking shoes….It made it even look shorter for realzzzzz. 🙂

  2. Regardless of how much PR MGI puts in , even insisting the title as top 3, their achievements as an organization with their queens is nowhere near even a quarter of what Ms Earth has achieved for this year. This is just a pageant you can enjoy and forget about it after watching.

  3. I wish pageant girls would stop wearing those oberly thick platform shoes.
    They really look tacky.

  4. Eva has a very pleasant personality.
    She is a good declaimer too. And since the Q&A at MGI is very predictable, she is likely to do well.
    The problem is that she looks a lot better in pics than in motion . She doesn’t have a BArbie doll proportion . And what if the question were out of this world like in 2016?
    I know how she handles pressure .Just watch their guesting st Boy Abunda’s show.

    • Yes, she doesn’t have the 7-8 heads proportion… but that’s what makes her Asian… It’s time to change that beauty stereotype that one should have the proportions of Barbie to be considered beautiful… Last time I checked… Miss Supranational from Korea and Miss Earth from the Philippines also has Asian proportions because they are Asian, which comprise more than half the world’s population (59.66% to be exact). A real Asian beauty like Eva should win.

  5. Next year ay i-aappoint daw si Catriona as Miss Grand Philippines. For sure, masusungkit na talaga natin yang MGI crown na yan. Pero for now, good luck kay Eva!

  6. Sana pina inject nya ng fillers nasal tip nya para Hindi natulad Kay Kylie.. Kelangan hatakin pataas. Para. Me. Height ung ilong..un lang .

    • Tf is this comment? A drooping nose is considered a beautiful feature in Asia, the sharp nose you are talking about is so whitewashed culture. Ew.

      • E bakit bah kung naicip KO mas maganda paturukan ilong nya.. E d-i mag icip din kau nang ikagaganda nyo. Kau na ang advance mag icip. Tse sa mga pangit.

  7. Ooops. I retract. One of the greatest rather. Andami na palang jokes ni Gloria and his cohorts.

  8. Okay not a fan of her pero she got me on this one. I hope what we see in this photo Will be see in MGI Finals i mean the beauty. Poise. Grace. Elegance. Ang alta nya. Shes the most beautiful MGIP we have so far. Bongga sana kung mala nicole ang comm skills nya or just more than enough. Pero kung icocompare mo naman kay ariska shes upgrade sa com skills and pantay sa beauty so chances to be in the top 5 again is possible kahit manalo base sa performance and Q&A eh kayang kaya nya. pero Need ng permiso sa uncle nyo hehe. But i think nakay venenzuela at india ang mata ni uncle nyo. So if succesfull performance and Q&A ni eva against the other competitors at hinde pa din binigay ang crown sa pinas. Alam na. Bpci should consider to drop this franchise or if ituloy pa nila ipalit sa position ng Miss Globe as the lowest title in bbp. Tapos iibigay ni nawatt kay arnold at ilalagay sa mwp haha kaloka.

    • Enebeyen may sumingit sa username ko haha.
      PS. Medyo nakikita ko si miss peru sa kanya. Yung current winner ng MGI last year. May hawig eh.

    • kung hindi sya sumabay kay Cat, may chance sya siguro. kaso wrong timing sila pareho ni Vickie ng pagsali. tapos ang jonget pa ng styling nya nung finals

      • Trooth, kung hindi sumali si Cat this year I’d have placed her as my MUP. Vickie is really short, I saw her during the parade of beauties nasa 5’4″/5’5″ lang siya, so she’s a no for me MI sana kaso late na siyang sumali ng bb, overaged na siya.

      • I always call u Aling Fabyana tho hihihi anyway to answer your comment above, the problem with someone as fresh-looking as Eva is that once her freshness comes off nawawala kinang nya and that is why she sometimes doesn’t look as good in motion but when she does nail her styling at walang bakas ng hagardo versace, she looks stunning. I saw her in person once, she had a light make-up on and she looked gorgeous and glowing. Kevs na kung hindi siya barbie doll proportion noh, it’s not like most pageant girls have that body type in the first place, only very few. She’s already toned enough and her body doesn’t look clumpy so she’s competition ready na.

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