42 comments on “The secret is out: Kelsey Merritt will walk for Victoria

  1. Congratulations to Kelsey. Bagong boyfriend pala nya ay isang U.S. Olympic gold medalist swimmer.

    She is now in the elite circle of filipina models who made it in the international scene such as the legendary Ana Bayle, Melanie Marquez, Bessie Badilla, Ping Federiz, Charo Ronquillo, Charlene Almalvez.

    • there you go

      ginamit din naman ang US olympic gold medallist boyfriend
      to get noticed and connections
      kaya nakuha ang Victoria deal.

      truth hurts

  2. Please lang. Pakiusap. Wag nyo na patulan si Gloria kasi palagi syang nagpapansin sa comment. At sa kakapansin nyo sa negative comments nya sya ang bida sa comment section. Kaya pwede bang ignore nyo nalang sya. Nakakairita kc sa kakapatol nyo sa comment nya buong comment section kasama sya.
    Wag nyo na sya pansinin kasi yan lang ang kaligayahan nya ang pinaguusapan sya.
    Kahit ano pa comment nya wag nyo pansinin para titigil din yan pag wala nang pumapansin da mga comment nya.

  3. Wow, ang bongga naman pala! proud of you dear…. spread your wings and fly haha ❤ ❤ ❤ Mabuhay ka!

  4. parehas sila ng bilbil ni Cat
    parehas din half half salamat sa dugong foreigner

    Janine is pure Pinay siya ang 1st
    kahit di nakapag runway for Victoria

    pure Pinay beauty.

    • You are the most negative and annoying person I have encountered in this forum. You are not only envious, futile, and disdainful troll there is; your comments are trivial and imbecilic.

      • There is no such thing as pure American/s either. America is composed of African Americans, European Americans, Asian Americans, Latino-Americans, American-Indians and all sorts but we all consider ourselves Americans. It is the same as being Filipino, you can be Asian looking, Caucasian-looking, or with dark complexion. Still, we all are Filipinos.

      • but she holds an American passport therefore she used her Nationality as American to be in the USA and pursue this career.

        maka hype naman talaga mga Pinoy
        mema lang na 1st

        as if 1st man on the moon or nobel prize or
        olympic gold

        big milestone ?

    • Anong american passport? Sigurado ka Gloria? Anong source mo? Ikaw ba nagprocess ng passport nya? Lol. Tbh, di ka dapat pinapatulan dito kasi troll ka but, damn, you are spreading fake info about someone. Smh. Attention seeker talaga. Kulang sa pansin.

      • Yes, she has an American passport. Remember that issue na may nagcomment sa IG niya na “work for that green card”. Something like that. Tapos nag reply ang tatay niya na “Kelsey is USA citizen by way of being my daughter.”

      • aminin na kasi na ginamit ang pagiging US citizen para magkaroon ng gig
        tapos we did it Philippines..


        Amerikana ka kaya ka nakuha sa Victoria!

        proud American!

    • Mahirap talaga pag race na ang pinag-uusapan. Halfies have not had it easy but they do have a leg up in the local scene. Kelsey is not white-passing so I reckon she had to fight tooth and nail for the spot. She is not young in modeling years. How long has she been in the industry? Do not discredit her achievement as a Filipino just because she is a halfie. However, overt Filipino pride is obnoxious especially when it is not obvious that a Filipino is “representing” us. Let’s just be happy for them and achieve feats of success on our own.

    • Gloriang tanga, dont worry malulunasan pa katangahan mo, pag hinambalos ng bota araw araw ang panget mong mukha, pero ang HIV mo atengz, may gamot pero walang lunas 😀 lolz

    • Lolz obviously wala naman yan sa number of ig followers, Gigi Hadid had tens of millions of followers on ig (Kendall has more) way before she even started walking for VS but she still didn’t start with wings. Nasa contracts yan, they’ll give a VS model their wings only if they see that the model is dedicated to their brand. Yung tipong magdra-drop ng prior commitments just to do campaigns, promotions, talk shows etc. for VS if need be. They wouldn’t give it to someone who they still don’t know if she’s prepared to give her full loyalty to them.

  5. Ay, bongga! Ang bilis ng response ni Tito Norms sa comment ko sa isang post n’ya before this.

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