12 comments on “Ella Eiveren Lubag is ready for Miss Tourism World 2018

  1. Bakit may Miss Tourism World meron duplication na Miss Tourism Worldwide, ano ba yan wala na credibility ang Miss Tourism sangkatutak na ang title na yan International, world Universe at kung ano ano pa wala na yata na control basta na lang nag cocontest bakit nd nila naman subukan ang pagsamahin mga title like Miss World Universe International 2018 or Miss Universe Supranational of the World 2018. Bakit walang mag pa contest sa Miss Terrorism International Beauty of the World & the Universe 2019 para lalong tumindi ang labanan. Nakakasawa na.

    • To each his own. Ayaw mo? who cares? Another crab yapping, feeling enlightened and opinionated. Sawa ka na pala e, leave and shut up.

  2. Julia, divah married ka na😄
    And you have a kid na divah😄
    Cherette lang😃
    Good luck Ella☺
    Bring home the crown☺

    • @ gloria : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Do read again the text. It can be postponed. The pageant is looming. And for all we know, she might not be able to compete any later. That’s life! You grab the opportunity when it comes. Even (Ann) Colis has put her Law studies aside (for now) to take a shot at a modelling career abroad.

    • Bitter po kayo ate glo. Keep your unsolicited advice to your self. You’ve got some serious mental issues.

  3. This girl is Janine Tugonon’s deadringer. She is exotically beautiful and, thus, can join BbP.

    Anyway, I have just watched on Youtube that Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers and our very own Catriona Gray have finally met in NYFW. They were both invited by Sherri Hill to walk for its dresses. The two girls have got the chance to talk to each other, and it looks like they are going to be besties in Thailand. I can also see that they may be the last two women standing in the forthcoming MU. My Gosh!

    Your thoughts, Tito Norms?


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