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  1. Norman I don’t know why you don’t block certain people in your forum. These kind of people really affects all man kind. Yung tipong dahil dito sa mga tanong ito eh naghihirap yung Pilipinas yes you dutertads .

  2. clear frontrunner na talaga ang USA

    Sherri Hill is a smart businesswoman to use
    the Philippines as “bait”
    because she knows die hard fanatics Pinoys will cause virtual traffic

    clap clap clap

    Catriona is Miss Scuba 19
    USA is Miss Universe 2018

  3. I love the creations. But some kinda looked outdated. Some of the models look like they’ll pass as MU candidates.

  4. fashion shows intent is to sell the dress and the focus should be on the dress

    ni hindi nga napapansin sino yang mga modela na yan

    jusko.. masyado kayo pa hype .

    • Syempre naman kaya nga kailangan ng mga modelong magaling magdala ng damit. Sige nga palakarin mong mag-isa yang mga damit na yan? TANGA!
      MEMA ka na naman!

      • the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia uses drone to model the dress


        maka hype kayo sa modela akala mo naman valuable sa mga bibili

        focus on the dress not the model (mga wala naman name)

        real talk

      • Dun ka sa Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Umalis ka dito dakilang Tanga! Nagmamarunong kang boba ka!
        Mamatay ka sa inggit tanga!!!

  5. the first model who walked the runway is really gorgeous ; I am pretty sure she is not a MU contestant , so I am not worried for Cat vs. this model

  6. I don’t wanna be nega pero hindi ba eto pa-consolation ng MU sa Philippines? I mean, gaya ng tanong ni Cat sa Instagram post niya na “bakit ako?” 😕 To be honest, I was super excited after learning about sa Sherri Hill stint niya, pero parang may something suspicious. Remember yung 2014, na focus sa Philippines ang start ng show tapos first time naten maligwak sa top 5? Parang nireready nila tayo.

    Alam ng MU na Catriona is the clear front runner and winner sa eyes ng great majority of the pageant fans. It would literally be WW3 pag niligwak siya. Also, tayo ang biggest fans nila so by doing this and showing na they do recognize us, lessen ang backlash if ever niligwak. We all know naman na close ang MU sa SH.

    I know negang nega ng post na to, pero I’m trying to look sa 2 possibilities(positive and negative) ng why nainvite siya dito. This is the first time na MU candidate from a country (aside sa US) ang nagwalk sa SH before the competition. I HOPE I’m wrong and paranoid lang ako. I hope they invited Cat because they truly saw something in her and tayo mga filipino people na maghelp sa brand nila. That’s what I wanna believe. Something to think about lang… Hope and pray lang talaga.

    • On a different note, the silhouette of that peach look is so perfect for Cat😍!! Yung design and shape reminds me of something that I’d see sa mga lebanese couture collection. It’s so fab and queenly! Lakas maka-mikimoto crown na lang kulang ang peg.

    • Laila, I had the exact same thought. What if this is just a consolation prize? I pray not. Cat is so much more deserving. She’s a motivational beauty with kindness as her driving force.

      • True, Philip! Hope and pray lang talaga!! It’s good na hindi lang tayo looking sa one side, so we can prevent kung ano man ang possibilities na hindi magfavor sa aten… that way, we know na we should work harder and show them no reason not to crown Cat. In the meantime, abang-abang lang and pray. 🙏🏼

    • Hay naku, Laila….. hindi tayo ang may hawak ng kapalaran ni Catriona….wag mag overthink…nakakamatay…

      • Dragona, ilabas na lahat ng mga possibilities para majinx. Paranoid na kung paranoid, at least nakikita naten ang both sides ng situation. Kung nacomprehend mo comment ko, I said na I wanna believe otherwise and I’m praying and hoping for her victory. It’s not “overthinking” yan, looking sa both sides lang ng situation. Yun lang.

    • Nega at paranoid ka lang te. Trump era po si MJ, at wala syang spark nung Evening Gown nya.

      • Boklo, kaya nga nagtatanong eh. Hindi point yung walang spark and chaka si MJ, point is di siya bet ni Trump and first time tayo niligwak sa top 5 so “consolation” na yung ginawa nila nung 2014 sa Philippines. Yun ang punto, tita. Also, 2014 is the time na nagtratransition na from Trump to IMG ang MU, kaya nga January 2015 delay ginawa ang pageant eh. Gabriela Isler is also very close sa mga IMG staffs up to now kasi yun ang mga kasama niya before end ng reign niya. Anyways, irrelevant ang statement mo about sa change ng management dahil ang core parin niyan is ang Miss Universe Organization.

    • naiintindihan kita Lai… sana nga ganun, peo mas nananaig sakin ung side about not the consolation part hahaha nakoooowww wag nmn sana haha. Basta kung ano kapalaran ni Cat, dun ako, susupport nlng ako ng bongga kahit anong mangyari!!! hahah Go CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. ito na yon?
    walang kabuhay buhay.. undas na ba?

    mas maganda pa ang mga kababayan naten OFW sa Singapore
    or Hongkong pag day off nila

    USA is MU18

    • @ gloria : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      I hope that was not derogatory. Hindi ako nagmamalinis, pero you just might have trivialized our mothers, sisters, and aunts in those places. Grabeh, the just want to feel special on their free day..

  8. Our queen Catriona is absolutely beautiful and I think she needs to slow down and a little break from fashion shows. Her body crying out for some serious rest.

  9. since nakita ko nang magkasama di Cat at Sarah rose…nakita kong kaya lamunin ni Cat on stage

  10. Summer gained a bit of weight, Cat looks very young with minimal make up. i want to see Cat in one of those silver gowns.❤️

    • so true tukayo.

      clapper siya for sure.
      pampalubag loob itong Sherri Hill
      next na nito Charogne Kuhnetah

  11. she should wear buddhist-inspired orange gown in MU …
    I saw Miss USA too Summers… I wonder if they are the only two on that runway ???…

    GO GO GO CAT CAT CAT but stay cool,calm collected !!! and in control of the stage wherever you are

  12. Ang nakakapikon ke Catriona eh ung akala mo magkaibang tao ung lumabas… mukhang positive n to ah… 4th MissU.

  13. Cat is a force to be reckon with in Ms. Universe 2018. . All eyes are set on her. In most pageant sites, she is the most favored one to win. I wish she will lessen her exposure be it on social media or in public because too much of this might spoil her chances! In my humble opinion, her joining the Ms. World and the controversy of being “robbed” the crown is a lot of attention already and might not be good for her. If I were her, I will focus on strengthening her advocacy and stay away from the limelight. Come the pageant night, this is the time to unleash her charm, grace and confidence to outwit her fellow competitors. I love her dearly and it would really be painful to get over her defeat should it happen unexpectedly. In my heart she is and will always be my MS. UNIVERSE 2018!

  14. ang chaka ng pagmake up nila kay cat. mukha siyang may sakit. 😦
    ang no make-up make-up look ay nagmukhang may sakit look.

  15. She did great. May say din naman si sherri hill kung anong rampa o acting ang gagawin mo Kung oa ba or parang nakasimangot o mag ssmile or mag smize ka. since its her fashion show and its her dress Na gagamitin mo. Madaming magagandang gown. I like catrionas ist gown. Sa yellow lang ako d nagkagusto but it tells us that its a challenge for her to give life for that gown. Kahit pangit ang gown you need to carry it on runway and you know she did it! I like the tan. Pinay na pinay. Anu kaya ang susunod? Baka i invite naman sya ng chi hehe. Naku hinay hinay naman sila sa pag invite kay cat. Pero kung ako tatanungin mas gusto ko naman i invite sya sa mga speech speech na events internationally like UN or any related matters or related to her advocacies. The world already seen her capabilities sa pagandahan. Awrahan and modeling events. So i think its more better kung yung skills naman nya sa speech.yung laman ng utak nya naman ang maipakita sa mga events para kumpleto diba.

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