5 comments on “Rein Hillary Carrascal: Looking for a Mutya ng Pilipinas reign

  1. Hello Norman.

    Good thing that you are featuring and giving chance to those candidates who are not “popular” … most of the time they are the ones who deserve to be crowned.

    There are so many fakes and hypocrites in these kinds of arena and we should not encourage that. The well-loved are usually paying huge amounts just to earned the title and that’s a shame because it should be a beauty contest and not a richness or a popularity contest.

    Take for example the girl with the waterlily advocacy, was she not aware that turning it into coal would produce a lot of carbon footprint that furthers global warming?

    Just saying 😘😘😘

  2. Nose needs proper make up or surgery
    Face may be a little too big
    Posing demands more sophistication ( para syang probinsyana)
    Body is ok though
    And if she can talk , she may reach top 15

  3. Dear Tito Norms,

    Are you serious about featuring all the candidates of Mutya ng Pilipinas? The candidates you have featured so far are — well, uh — not stand out. I mean I’d rather read those who are top picks, people’s choice, or organization’s well-loved candidates. I am waiting for Nina Ancheta, to put it bluntly.

    And, have you read a few minutes ago that Kelsey Merrit has made it in the Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show? That’s gonna be a good feature. After all, she was once the beauty pageant landia’s pick to be joining Binibining Pilipinas in 2017, 2018, etc. After being cast in this prestigious bikini ramp show, will she still be in the running towards becoming a BbP crown contender?

    That’s all.


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