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  1. What I like about sa mga pageant fanatics , yung mga credible talagang sinasabi nila yung Mali na nakikita nila. Yung punto ko naman yung buhok nya parang Hindi bagay Madumi tignan sa Kanya. Yung damit naman lesson learned hindi bagay sa kanya yung daming patong na tela , lalung lumalaki sya. Too much exposure na si ateng dapat Medyo merong element of surprise.

    • @ Ivan : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      I agree with you that this was not really Catriona’s best appearance. But at least she got to wear two pieces (the pink was more flattering than the yellow). And if she looked not really at her best, Sarah Rose Summers looked even worse in that ONE silver-grey (?) number she was assigned! Not only did it do no favors for her straight and short torso, it also aged her. The regular models looked better.

      This is Sherri Hill’s show and they choose who wears what. Probably those were the ones that fit Catriona. We really have no say. These outings are arranged between sponsors and handlers/agents (BPCI?). And Catriona was just being obedient and cooperative.

      Overexposure? This is nothing to what MU-Vietnam organization has done to H’Hen Nie. Poor girl! She has been over-styled to dismiss apprehensions her short hair was a limitation. They have made her appear in so many mass-media functions and events, walk countless runways on high heels, and even had her shipped off to New Zealand for a co-branding arrangement with Air New Zealand in an effort to convince more Viets to travel there. They are making her pay for her keep.

  2. Cat , pls go back to Aces &Queens
    Remember 2010- 2015 ? All the reps looked facially stunning .Even Janine did not let us down against the whites and latinas. Compare this to Desiree Verdadero Who looked out of place among the 5 finalists.

  3. Super fan ako ni Ate has pero yung buhok sa runway super Hindi bagay. Yung aura nya Walsh. Yung lakad nya parang Naiihi na Hindi ko Malayan. Well please please nasan na yung aura nya ?

  4. Go CAT!!!! ❤ ❤ <3, pasabog ng pasabog, di nakakaumay! #mamataysilasainggit lol

  5. Cat’s walk has the Olivia J ‘s template … which is good
    I hope she returns to A&Q . I trust their packaging

  6. This is good exposure for Cat as a model. Win or lose, she has a bright future in the international modeling industry.

    Since it’s just a Sherri Hill event for NYFW, then there’s no need to celebrate yet or give meaning to it. Even if Sherri Hill sponsors Miss Universe Organization, it’s still not a guarantee that Cat will fare well (or win) in the upcoming pageant. Miss Universe 2018 is still anybody’s game. No need to get over excited because this is not an official MUO activity. I’m happy for her achievement, though.

    On the other hand, her torso still needs workout. For sure, other countries will feast on this flaw of hers. Aside from that, whatever she was wearing was unflattering as it highlighted her large torso even more. There are still three more months to tone it. Bash me for saying this but for now, she’s still a Fatriona in that aspect. The rest is already exemplary.

    • Hahahahaha. Bitterness all over. Pa-pleasant words pa ang bugok. Gloria ka na medyo angat ng konti. 😜😛😝

      • I don’t live in a world full of ponies and unicorns, CatrionaFan. So, I don’t put meaning over what Catriona is doing now. I don’t delude my mind over fantasies that only bring false hopes to the minds thinking about them.

        Honestly, I am happy of what she has achieved so far, but let’s get real here. You yourself know what’s her obvious flaw physically. Just accept the fact that not everyone thinks the same about Catriona as you guys do. It’s healthy to have a little opposition sometimes. Because if everyone agrees, there’s no more room for improvement.

      • We should accept legitimate and constructive criticisms. But you Fatriona, ever since, negative ka. Your aim is not for Cat to better herself but to bring her down. 😋😛😝😜🤪

      • Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I say what I see objectively. Sugarcoating what’s ugly doesn’t make anyone a better person. More like denied of what is real and true. Yes, she is beautiful, tall and articulate, but that doesn’t change the fact that she has a large upper body. Should I sugarcoat it as, “She just has big bones,” or “It’s just the angle of the camera that’s making her look big.” Why just not say what’s true in an upfront manner and accept the truth that it hurts? Do my criticisms bring her down that much? I think she knows her flaws already. It’s already September and we still see her big torso popping out in pictures. Might as well remind her of that specific flaw of hers so that she’ll double her efforts in making her body more desirable. I’ll only stop pointing out what’s wrong with her if she already has overcomed that flaw. We all know that she has everything already, except a perfect figure.

      • i dont understand why people like Fatriona cant say a single good word for Cat, samantalang nagpapakahirap at nagttyaga sa mahahabang explanation na ang common denominator ay pambabash,, haha it only means di na sya mapakali at di matahimik kapag nakikita nya si Cat, ang masaklap pa nito kung bangungutin pa sa sobrang panggigigil lolz char

      • Jeremi, I just said she has a large torso which makes her look fat. That’s a valid observation that is seen by others as well. I’m not a hater and I don’t discredit her efforts too. I just think she could improve more and exert more effort than before. Afterall, this is Miss Universe we’re talking.

      • Fatriona,
        The real and the original Jeremi here who has been a reader in this blog like forever. I dont post comments here anymore because it has become a beehive of cheap gays already.

        I just want to say that you have raised valid points there!

  7. dami Catertards dito

    buti pa ako. honest

    may bilbil nga di naman nagtransform like Pia and the other MU Reps
    kulang na sa oras

    wag magbulag bulagan mga bayot

  8. Koronahan na yan sa ayaw at sa gusto ng mga fans and haters. Catriona is slaying everyone and she is miles ahead even. I can imagine how the other contestants must feel. Pero laban lang… And Catriona will be there several steps ahead. Go go go Cat see you on the runway!

  9. saken ang huling halakhak

    d nasungkit ang MW
    MU pa kaya

    Cat is next Miss Chinatown

    Argentina is MU18

  10. I dont’t know how to feel about this, on one hand I think this is a very big opportunity for Cat and a really huge step towards the crown, on the other I think it’s quite a bold move of whoever let Cat walk in this fashion show. I’m guessing it’s Sherri Hill herself and the MUO. You really can’t blame the other countries’ fans to call this unfair because, first and foremost, Miss Universe is a competition and it hasn’t even started yet the organization already seemingly has their winner. In any case, congratulations to Cat and her team for landing this gig.

  11. Wow! It seems that the Miss Universe pageant has plugged in the circuit. With Catriona headlining the Miss Universe perennial sponsor’s fashion show event, the MU flame is starting to blow up and every MU fan is overexcited about the forthcoming annual pageant.

    In the featured photo above, it is no doubt that Catriona is in it to win it! I can now see the body transformation. She is slimming prominently. And her legs are there for days!

    Go, Cat! We can’t wait to see you in the competition proper. Slay it, slaaaaay!

    That’s all.


  12. i love her styling ditey. I wish ganito ang look nya sa Finals or at least isport man lang nya on some pre-pageant ganaps. Feel ko kasi mas humahaba sya tingnan with straight hair at ang dyosa dyosa lang tingnan ganda ganda

  13. di na malaman kung sino ieendorso na MU2018, jusko baka pati si Miss Madagascar papanalunin din nya MU2018! Kaloka ka gloria! Desperada!

  14. wow ha! Never ever thought that. That they will invite her. Nagawa na ba nila yan noon pa na mag invite ng contestant ng MU before the pageant? All we know yung winners lang ng MU. Pero now pati contestant nabibigyan agad ng chance to walk on their stage. Sobrang saya nyan! Lalo na kay catriona. Ive read that pati si panama eh nainvite din. Well a good exposure and experience and moment for both of them. Sana may new pic sila ni demi and also sarah. Kakaiba talaga tong si catriona noh. Shes the first MUP na ininvite ng sheri to walk on their stage kahit hinde pa sya nakakacompete sa MU. Pia was first actually but she walked on their stage after she won. Ganda nya sa sheri hill na suot nya. Sobrang fit nga lang ung sa bewang kaya may lumabas. pero carry na. So far may improvements naman sa body nya. compare nung bbp days so laki ng nagbago sa katawan. But the confidence is still the same which is good. Dapat tamang timpla lang.

      • Luis Baton




        mga ganern..

        plus Cherie Gil.. nothin but a sicond grate copyket

    • Dyoskow kawawang bakla ka😂 ramdam na ramdam ko na sobrang pait na ampalaya na ulam mo araw araw 😂, wag kang mag alala marami kayo dito😂😂

  15. Just when I thought ano pa ba ang pwedeng pasabugin ni cat after the video announcement. Now this! This is not random at all and what a great honor to be (one of the?) invited out of the 88+ ladies to represent the brand on the runway. This is huge! Parang di pa nga contest, nagsimula na siyang magtrabaho for the sponsors! Nag aaply pa lang ang iba, siya nag internship na. Kalokah! Im always in awe seeing Catriona leading many steps ahead of her competition. Ang galing ng strategy ng team nya kasi they all kept things under wraps. One pasabog after the other!

  16. magugulat ang lahat sa pageant kasi
    wala naman transformation

    Mariel De Leon lang ang peg.:

    British Virgin Islands is MU18

  17. Sobrang ✅✅✅✅ sa lahat ng aspects si Cat, kaya naman mga haters and trolls kahit ano na lang napapansin. They will really search for even the tiniest flaw, para may masabi lang na nega comment. I’m happy to see yung progress and improvement. She could literally compete now, pero imagine what the 3 months remaining pa can do. Can’t wait to see the full transformation, yung may abs and all, this November/December!! The trolls who called her names, told her that she’s fat, will eat their words.

  18. okay, this is such a pasabog. ni walang hint or anything.. so happy for her – i know this is one of her dreams.. also, magandang exposure to. goes to show that she is marketable – in all fairness.

    to those who are criticizing her physique – guys… there’s an improvement naman na from her BBP stint. she looks leaner now.. her body frame is not the model type. but i believe she’s getting there. mahirap po talaga magpaliit ng mid section. so kalma. she looks good na a little polishing na lang and all.

    let’s just wait for the outcome na lang ng sherri hill show. exciting.

    • Agreed! Super noticeable ang improvement. Pero as I’ve mentioned above, there are still 3 remaining months to work and polish pa more. Perfect amount of time ang 3 months. Excited and looking forward sa official arrival niya this last week of November sa Thailand. Tapos we’ll see the super toned and may abs. Iyak na lang mga haters sa corner haha. No stones unturned talaga!! 😊

  19. Bakit ba sukdulan ang panggagalaiti ni gloria kay Cat?
    Hangga ngayon di pa din maka move on!

  20. The crown is hers to lose. However she ( and her handlers too) need to be reminded that overconfidence (and overexposure!) can kill. Two quotes come to my mind: “Overconfidence can drown you in the sea of reality” – Norain and “Overconfidence is the best form of carelessness .” – Star Wars quote.

  21. hindi ba maiingitera such at tanungin ng mga shupti bata? bakit ininvite si muning eh alam naminin close ang MUP at si sherill

    • Catriona is also a model. Sherri Hill invited her to walk sa show nila as a model. Walang kinalaman ang MU diyan. Sherri Hill is not owned by MU. Wag gawan ng issue.

      • Sherri Hill is a MU sponsor, and let’s not pretend sponsors don’t have influence on who makes it to the finals and eventual winner. Likability and ability to cooperate with brands and sponsors are attributes that are sought after a MU winner.

      • Sherri Hill is one of the major sponsors of all the previous Miss USA queens and other european countries sa evening gown, pero bias ba? Hindi, diba? The previous winners of MU did not wear Sherri Hill sa EG. Sponsors do NOT have a say kung sino ang magiging winner or included sa semifinalists. Hindi cheap contest ang MU na pumapatol sa offer ng sponsors. Wag gawan ng issue na may favoritism. Cat will not even wear a Sherri Hill gown sa MU evening gown. She will only model for them sa NYFW. It’s not unusual for some fashion brands to hire big public figures to walk sa shows nila.

        Cat will win because of her own hardwork, not because she is being favored. Common sense lang po.

      • Nowhere in my comment does it say you have to wear a Sherri Hill gown to win the pageant. All I said was that sponsors clearly have their favorites and who they want to promote their brands with whether it be through photo shoots, fashion shows, or even providing their wardrobe with their clothes after their victory.
        Of course Catriona will win through her own hard work, but sponsors definitely voice their picks and the MUO may or may not have the same favorites. Of course it’s up to the judges, but when it comes to preliminaries, that’s where sponsors have a bit of influence. You don’t know this industry like I do.

      • Your second comment contradicts your previous one. IMG Universe is such a huge brand that it has the ability to not be solely dependent on their sponsors. Your way of thinking is so Trump era. While it’s true that being marketable is a plus point, it is not the determining factor on who will make it or not. In the end, it is how the girl will perform, that will decide her fate. Anyways, my main point was, Catriona is so great that she doesn’t need to be favored to win. The trolls are obviously trying to justify their hate by making themselves believe that Cat is the chosen one. Catriona deservingly earned every achievement that she’s been getting. I work in this industry and YOU don’t know it like I do. 😉

  22. She looks like a hooker
    Some people might even mistake her for a trannie .. with her towering height and all

    • Magreklamo ka sa Sherri Hill, Fabbie. Pinasuot sakaniya yang outfit from head-to-toe. Wala tayo magagawa diyan. Actually ganiyan din opening dress ng MU yearly. Nasa odd na place lang siya wearing that outfit. Sa New York, common lang to see mga models na may photoshoots sa streets wearing crazy outfits. Also, hookers don’t come out in broad daylight, parading in the middle of a busy street. Obvious naman na may shoot/promo.

    • Ang hitad na loser. Palibhasa sampung beses nag audition sa BB ang gagagita at ligwak ganern kaya bitterana ang peg! HOY mahaderang pabiana mag hara kiri ka na! Kasi kiri ka naman! Hahaha

    • Magreklamo ka sa Sherri Hill, mag-hire ka ng international lawyer, o kahit magpunta ka united nations headquarters at doon ka mag-rally. Ang baklang ito, napaghahalata ka.

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