27 comments on “Ameen Sardouk: The surprise Mr. World Philippines 2018 Official Candidate

  1. Based on the videos I have seen so far , I find Marco Poli sexier than Ameen . Problem is he is not that articulate .
    Both Ameen and Marco seem very grounded … unlike John Spainhour na sosyal ang dating .

  2. Most of the contestants look metrosexuals. I don’t have anything against metrosexuals, but their hypervanity is bordering femininity. This is a competition for real men and not for men-acting-to-be-real-men.

    In this league of hombres, I couldn’t spot a “Filipino” look, someone who possesses Adonis look and physique, a Filipino in the caliber of Neil Perez. Since none of the contestants has that quality, I’d then go for Ameen Sardouk. He may be lacking the body-building figure (patpatin ang dating), he nevertheless compensates it in his charm. My G! Napapakislot ang keps ko sa kanya. Hahaha! Anyway, if he wins this local pageant, then he still has months to undergo rigorous gym works. Good luck to you, Ameen! Amen to you winning Mister World Philippines.

    That’s all!

      • Gaga ka, 4M! Given na ‘yun, ‘no? At least I have keps. Hihihi! Hawig si Ameen ng BF kong Danish.

      • Betsina mo rin ba s’ya, girl @4M? Hahaha! Nakaka-ano si Ameen. Hahaha! Love ko na s’ya, girl. That’s all!

      • hihihih Ana Winter of course veks vetsina ko sya…. Very sexy eyes and the scruff can really make tickle your k___s….hhihihi

        I like Marco Poli too…

    • Dugyot mo Laila! Nalibugan talaga ang maasim at amoy daga mong pekpek. Eeeewww! Kasuka lang!

      • hoy fake 4M do not use my name to make disparaging comments against other commenters here…hihihihihi

  3. He has tons of potential to win. The towering height, communication skills, the personality and of course the face. Kung pwede pa sana dagdagan ng konti ang laki ng katawan, and he is ready to conquer.

    He is my winner together with Marco Poli, Wilfred Placencia, and JB Saliba

  4. He was actually the one that stands out. That’s why he is the only one with a different headshot. Lots of potentials. Just need to work out to build more muscles.

  5. Gwapo si Ameen no doubt, but I think he needs to improve his upper body. Magpalaki pa sana sya.

    I like Placencia and Marco.

  6. I’d like to see how #8 talks
    # 9 looks great but he loses sex appeal when he talks . He does not have to be cocky but he needs a little testosterone .
    I will not give him the crown until I see every body walk and talk.

    BTW. Wilfred looks more ‘solid’ than #9

  7. @chupador, este andrew aka chupador. Good afternoon/morning/evening.
    Chupa pa more! Para Hello AIDS ka! Wa ka na diet slim agad ang byuti mo.

  8. Friendly advise to the candidatos : NEVER say “I think I should be your next (whatever)…”. This is WAR, and that modesty bordering on tentativeness (“baka swertehin”) will do you no favors. The meek will not inherit the earth! Instead, say “I WILL/SHOULD be your next (whatever)”. Be like Laura Gonzales Ospina, who said, “…I have ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT I will…”. We need men, not boys!

    He comes across like that dim-witted fun-loving High School jock that was Moose in the “Archie” comics series. The one behind him, I likey. More typical Pinoy hotness that is Ricardo de Jesus, Jr.

      • @ gloria : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Affected much. Your hostility betrays inner turmoil and self-hatred. Go give Ms. Scuba a try!

      • @chupador, este andrew aka chupador. Good afternoon/morning/evening.
        Chupa pa more! Para Hello AIDS ka! Wa ka na diet slim agad ang byuti mo.

      • @ Anonymous : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Thank you for your observation. Yes, I got that sense of him, too. But in the line-up, he holds his own. I just said I preferred him to the Leban-‘Noy. I have a different set of names for the three titles. I will put him on my Reservas, in case those additional titles (mentioned in the earlier post) are firmed up.

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