24 comments on “Mr. World Philippines 2018 Press Presentation

  1. Marco Poli for Mr. World Philippines
    Ameen Sardouk for Mr. Supranational Philippines
    Robin Hanrath for Mr. Eco Philippines

    With Wilfred Placencia, Denver Hernandez and JB Saliba as potential spoilers.

  2. Banatin, Hernandez, and Hanrath are puny! OUT.

    Job Abogado, Karl Sabinay, and Argel Saycon for MrWP 2020! At dahil ang hilig natin sa halfie, tell Mr. Tinio to ask Joaquin Rosalossa Dressler (Mister Global Teen 2016?) and Johannes Dula Rissler to give pageantry another shot.

    A GOOD selection! Congratulations to the Mister World Philippines organization.

    My wish : Andrea Biondo will represent ITALY!

  3. Ang laki ng improvement sa face value ni Wilfred Palencia, Jr. since his Mister Global Philippines 2014 days. He can indeed be the spoiler for clear frontrunners Marco Poli and Ameen Sardouk.

    • @ Aron : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Huli ka! Sino ka sa rddantes.com? Heheh… 🙂

      • @Andrew

        Magandang umaga/hapon/gabi po!

        I only googled this pic and copied the link coming from another website kahit watermarked ng rddantes.com which I am not familiar with. Try searching for images of Wilfred Placencia or Palencia yourself and you will get the same results like this…

      • @Andrew

        Na-curious tuloy ako sa intriga mo so I checked out rddantes.com – bad ka, teh! 😱

        Sino ka doon? Heheh… 🤪

  4. If none of these guys are into extreme sports which dominate Mr. World preliminaries, the chances of making the initial cut is next to nothing. Andrew won in at least one heat and was runner up overall in extreme sports. Added to that was his multimedia award. Those assured his high ranking which neither John nor Sam achieved. On the other hand looking at the past winners of Mr. Supranational (both Mexico and Venezuela being of the same mold), this organization tends to favor tall musky looking men with well defined muscular physique who can jig it and model sponsored clothes and look good doing so. Nonetheless on both contests, the final clincher is the candidate’s ability to respond sensibly (and charmingly) to the final question.

  5. it will depend on how these guys talk and walk.
    But based on pics above , it’s 9 … then 8

  6. Ameen Sardouk is a runaway winner. He’s got that manly look others don’t!

    That’s all!

  7. Ameen and Marco 😋😋 either one would be great but Ameen with his looks would be a huge hit.

  8. My top choice is still Marco Poli. A possible spoiler will be Ameen Sardouk (Arab/Pakistanis always makes my knees shake). Followed by JB Saliba and Wilfred Placencia.

    • Because the finals of MrWP is very near – September 15. The finals of MWP won’t be until October 7 so the Press Presentation should happen next week at the earliest

  9. Facially, denver hernandez. Sa body marco poli. Since short time ang preparation for mrw so i choose marco poli in over all lamang sya kay denver. Bat b namn kase late na kung magpa pageant pati sa ms world. Haysss.

    • I also like Ameen. I guess he was the only one who did not do a professional headshot. But he is very handsome.

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