6 comments on “Monique Angelica C. Tuzon for Miss World Philippines 2018

  1. Girl why did you wait so long to go back home!! Now you only have one more year to compete in another pageant if you dont make it at Miss World Philippines!! You should join BB. Pilipinas next year!! Good luck lovely!!

  2. She doesn’t look like a beauty queen.
    There’s that awkwardness on her aura.
    She’s like pretending to be “enjoying” while in fact she don’t like doing it.
    Nautusan lang bumili nh vetsin sa sari sari store!
    Good luck iha.

    Just a piece of advice:
    If you want to win, give your ALL.
    Hindi lang ang legs ang gustong mag beauty queen
    Kasama dyan ang ngiti
    Ang kamay
    Ang katawan
    Hindi pilit, Hindi matugas!

  3. She is a stunner! A mix of Rachel Peters and Jobelle Salvador kind of beauty.

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