11 comments on “Mr. World Philippines 2018: Partial List of Official Candidates

  1. Certainly, the eye-candy Poli will be the Catriona Gray of this lot. But my apprehension, Mr. Tinio, is precisely because he might not have had residency yet like the Cory Quirino-appointed Ajdani and Spainhour, he might just come across to the Judges as diffident. You found him to be a well-spoken. Hopefully, he will be as well-spoken (and credible) as Wollf.

    For my part, let us not give too much attention on the main title, our country being the host and we know the awkwardness of that. We could just assign that to anybody respectable enough.

    The REAL test is finding REALLY GOOD reps to Supranational and Eco-International! The former, after two relatively uninspiring bets by another organization, now appears to have a quite definite archetype. And the latter, a STRONG candidate to set the bar for all to come after.

  2. Bakit tinagal ang selection ng candidates nito? Kaloka! Idk pero mas excited ang mga lgbt sa mwp/ female pageants kesa sa mr world or any male pageants hehe. So next tuesday ang press presentation ng mrwp? How about mwp po? Kailan po ang official numbering? Yung number nila sa official list yun na ba ang official number? And screening po kailan po?

  3. Parang mga candidates sa Mr. Gay!
    Idk, yun ang nakikita ko sa karaminhan sa kanila…kita sa mga ngiti e…hehehe

  4. Okay yung marco foli pero medyo May chakang angle yung face. May kailangan ipabelo sa face ni bakla para gumwapo ng todo.

  5. As of the moment, the candidate that near-fits the Mr. World mold is the Fil-Italian Marco Poli. My next choice would be JB Saliba and the other would be Wilfred Placencia (i like his sex appeal though not strikingly handsome).

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