3 comments on “#ThinkingOutLoud for the 50th Mutya ng Pilipinas

  1. Imho, the organization should use this milestone to chart their business plan for the next ten years, at least. Crucial will be how they will RAISE the MAPI brand to restore it to its former prominence and have it licensed to more territories now that it wishes to go beyond its old Far Eastern identity. They should take the lessons from their competitors : Carousel (ME), with the amusing hiccup that was the “(veiled) Beauty of Body” preliminary, BPCI’s looming “power vacuum” with the anticipated retirement of its iconic leader (SMA), and the still-short efforts of Miss Global, among others. Happy Golden!

    • True. The Mutya pageant was highly anticipated back then. Even if the winners were hits and misses, you can’t deny the glitter and prestige of the title. The glimmer faded through the years and we hope that it would be able to bring back the luster of the crown. Still, marking one’s 50th is something to be proud especially in the already crowded and fickle- minded world of pageantry. Cheers !

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