14 comments on “Exclusive Interview with Mister Tourism Indonesia 2018 William Gonzales

  1. People are very quick to criticize
    This guy is good looking . Just onserve the skin and eyes.
    With the right hairstyle , people here in the US will take notice.

    I have seen Korean Japanese and other Asian headturners . Even good looking Wall Steet men literallly turn their heads to ogle at these guys. I’m pretty Sure Mr Indonesia will do the same when he comes here.

    • Eh kung mahilig ka sa Roderick Paulate look alike eh di kayo na di na kami makisawsaw sa loveteam niyo

    • @ Padede Boy : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      I guess you are already informed of the allegations of pimping. With due respects to Wigo, Mr. Tinio, and all parties concerned, just go over to a popular male pageant page for the details.

      • Bet daw kasi ang nota nya ng mga organizers kaya ayun!!! May indecent proposal daw….

      • Ay ganon ba??? di ba pwedeng idecline na lang niya at sabihing.. sorry.. i am not for rent kesa naman mawalan siya ng title. minsan nangyayari talaga sa pageants iyan.. mababae o lalaki man…

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