6 comments on “50th Mutya ng Pilipinas: NCR, Visayas and Mindanao Official Candidates

  1. Pauline should be a frontrunner. Remarkable facility with the English language and the girl who beat Gazini for the 2017 Miss Bohol criwn

  2. Ganito din sana kabongga ang Mutya hihihi kavog ang MU at MW Divahhhhhh😄
    Krazzy mentally, where are you at pinapansin c Heart E. without using Money para mapansin hihihi 😄

  3. Agatha Romero has name recall. Malaki talaga ang nagagawa ng pagsali sa BBP!

    Based on her performance at Miss Manila this year (where she placed in the Top 5), Question Round was shaky (but in all fairness to her was not insubstantial). Perhaps just nerves. She should be fine for Top Model of the World (Ilene de Vera and Christagale Borja are her immediate predecessors) with her slender arms, luminous skin, and Asia eyes.

  4. I remember Agatha Romero
    She reminds me of Janine T and Liz Clenci . Not facially outstanding but Has great presentation

    • Unfortunately , she is not well-spoken
      So I will look somewhere else for a winner

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