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  1. Dapat may pakotse at pamudmod ng at least 2 Million prize money from the sponsors si Madam SMA sa BBP to attract more quality candidates. Likely mga alta na mala victoria secret mowdels na pinay ang lilinya sa screening. Kakapagod na rin makita paulit ulit yung mga ‘try and try’ gurls na taon taon na lang sumasali with the exception of Pia. She’s 1 in a million. Pero WALEY ang BBP sa jamaica sa 1M DOLLARS worth of prizes! instant multi milyonarya ang lola nyo! Pulubi pala ang prizes ng BBP kung ikumpara sa Ms jamaica hahaha

  2. Promote ko lng ang Crazy ako Asian hihihi😄
    Ayan mga vecklah c Nico Santos na Pinoy na may supporting or main acting role sa Crazy Ikaw Krissy at iniinterview ng international media habang yung Crazy mentally ay laging pabibi sa mainsteam media ng tondo kc May pangsampal na pera sa mga patay gutom na Alams nyo na basta Pera lang ang katapat ay sisirain na c PRRD hihiji 😄
    Manood ka Crazy Men(tulo)tally hihiji😄

  3. She is not that articulate.
    But beauty -wise, she is amazing .
    I think she will make top 6 …though I have to see her next to the other candidates first to decide

    • Change of mind : Based on the pics I have googled so far , I don’t think she is all that .
      She maybe beautiful facially but overall presentation is not that great . Is she a threat to Cat , I don’t think so .. at least for now.

  4. GORGEOUS. In every sense of the word! I love how she turned her youth, which is seen as a disadvantage in modern pageantry, as one of her assets! She’s so raw and sounds so spontaneous and she’s just oozing with x-factor. I already fell for her, a shoo-in for top 5!

  5. She looks like Vanessa Hudgens, Ximena Navarete and Zuleyka Rivera combined.

    But Korea, Ukraine, Zambia and Namibia also sent worthy contestants.

    My current TOP15 in random order

    South Africa


    United Kingdom

    Dark Horses:
    El Salvador
    Costa Rica
    Puerto Rico?

    • @ Closer2Fame : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Yiz! Costa Rica is love. France and Malta could be two of the four for the Europe group. And Fabian Reyes likes Japan, too. She could be Wild Card, along with Ning Sophida. The Africa and Asia-Pacific group can only accommodate one more name, with the inclusion of Philippines, Vietnam, and Sud Africa almost a given now, based on global preferences. It is not too far-fetched to imagine that the Viets will make the hour-or-so flight from Tan Son Nhut to Suvarnabhumi in DROVES to cheer for their incredibly photogenic representative.

      • @Andrew

        Then the final slot for Asia could go to Korea.. who although is a manufactured beauty, her statuesque built, her modeling skills, the end of the Korean War, Korea’s involvement in the issue about SCS and the Korean investments in this year’s edition of MU cements her automatic slot in the TOP 15… If she also trains in the Philippines for the Q&A and pasarela then she could possibly reach the top 10 or maybe even the Top 5/6.

  6. She looks and sounds quite raw. Beside Davina Bennett and Kaci Fennel. Would nope say “Nope!”?

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