16 comments on “Binibining Cebu 2018 Press Presentation

  1. So it’s given that Steffi Aberasturi would win this… I guess that means she won’t be joinning BBP next year. If she join BBP or MWP 2020… I wonder which title she would be given for an International win?

  2. OA naman masiyadong gaya-gaya sa Miss Brazil. From the styling hanggang sa distinct Miss Brazil sash, gaya-gaya! Chaka ng organizer and nagimbento ng pageant nato. Walang orginality pweh!

    • Your city or municipality where you’re from must be rich and can afford something more extravagant and original compared to this one.

    • Have you seen last year’s pageant m? The sash was like that already! Chaka talaga organiser? Ehh kenneth cobonque lng naman at cary santiago! Eh ikaw sinu ka buh?

    • You are the most pathetic human shit in this world!!! Just be happy for goodness sake. There are so much things in life than being hateful and disgusting!!

    • Why can’t you be happy laila, wala ka bang JOWA? PANGET KA BA? Wy so negative ate LAILA? Still in jail?

    • @ Laila : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Your observation reminded me of something I read. The writer said that the cities of Rio do Janeiro and Cebu share many characteristics, in a good way. Perhaps the organizer wishes to brand Binibining Cebu as the festive and spirited heart of Philippines pageantry. Just maybe…

    • Why has your tone changed Laila? Did your head just got airy after the fame you are getting from your IG account titasofpageantry? This is very disappointing.,…

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