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  1. Djusko mga veks why are you arguing Kris’ role. She was part of the cast and she had a role in the film. Extra is someone who usually does not have dialogue and only exists to fill the scene, in short, they are just backgrounds and do not serve any roles in the film.

    Special appearance/Cameo on the other hand, are roles reserved for high profile actors and actresses who have limited exposure but still has value in the film.

  2. Pag mayaman “Skin allergy” at pag Mahirap “Galis”…. Tama ba? Pag newbie sa film making Extra ang tawag pero pag sikat hindi extra and tawag kundi “Special appearance or Guest Star”

  3. envy envious bitter ang mga baklang pangit…. kahit anong sabihin nyo ingit lang kayo kay Kris.. wag nang maging crab okay… I love Kris.. isa sa mga highlights ng movie…..

  4. di ako manonood dahil kay kris, di ba siya nahihiya, nasa kanya ang kwintas ni imelda, ano ang tawag sa taong ganyan? eh di magnanakaw din. di sila magkalayo, wala silang pinag iba

  5. Watched the movie today. I absolutely agree that Kris’ role is not an extra. The role fits her just right. She exuded the aura of a royalty.
    But it would have been nicer if she was the mother of Nick. I think she can rock that role too. For those who are saying we shouldn’t be proud, come on guys, it’s not everyday we get to see a Philippine actress/actor grace a hollywood movie. And please stop saying she’s an extra yet expect her to be interviewed by international media.

    • juzko dai
      may isa pang nagbulagbulagan… ano ba ang main role at extra? juzmio

      • Have you watched the film? If you haven’t, watch it first then let’s talk afterwards.

  6. wag na masyado i hype si kristeta kasi alam naman nating extra lang at 2 seconds lang ang exposure nya. magmumukha lang tayo TH

  7. All 3 books are delighT to read, i highly recommend.Bbut the movie was fun and Fabolous especially Peik Lin …can’t wait for a sequel….

  8. This is the content that I LIVE FOR. An all-asian cast and it doesn’t disappoint. Definitely a must-watch.

    • All asian cast…why is it important to be just all-asian??? Sounds racist and typical American minority with a chip on the shoulder comment. Definitiely not a comment that real Asians from Asia make.

      Also the cast are all Chinese or Chinese descent…Last time I looked Asia is a BIG place not just chinese. No need to oversell a chinese american focused movie by calling it Asian…call it what it is…Chinese American movie.

      • The title is literally Crazy Rich ASIANS dumbass, of course the film would be all Asian. And tell you what, I’m a Filipino and I live in the Philippines (just like the majority of the people in this blog) but I’m still sick of international films having little to no Asian representation. There’s nothing racist about Asians hyping up an all-asian cast movie cuz if it was, then white people have long been doing it. What’s racist is concluding that all of the cast is Chinese just because they all look east Asian lmao, the article literally pointed out how our very own Kris Aquino, a Filipino, a south-east Asian, was part of it. And don’t get me started on what nationalities of the other casts are cuz, big news, asians aren’t just all Chinese! Oh no! /sarcasm

      • Actually, if you’re Asian and you live somewhere in Northern America, whatever your nationality is, you’re still called Chinese.

      • Mazza94 if you don’t live in the USA you do not understand the struggles that minorities especially Asians in breaking through Hollywood. The Asian stigma of being stereotyped in roles as a smart-sloppy guy or geek who is socially inept is rampant. Hell even Caucasians are put in roles that supposed to be Asian. hihihihih

        And yes, there’s still this ridiculous stereotype that all Asians are Chinese. There’s a lot of things we need to work for in order to gain equity in certain industries.

      • “Also the cast are all Chinese or Chinese descent…”

        -uhmmm, Henry Golding (the male lead) is Malaysian (British-Malaysian actually). No trace of chinese blood down there

  9. Bakit walang interview na kasama ng cast c Crazy Ako.
    Parang Di pinapansin c Crazy Ako sa international media at sa film’s cast and producers hihihi.
    Mga bayarang pinoy media lang ang nagpapalaki sa wala namang kalatoylatoy bilang extra sa pelikula.
    C Daniel Padilla nga este Jake Zyrus este Charice pala na nagbida sa pelikula internationally ay Di masyadong pinapansin sa mainstream media kc walang pinakain na pera sa bunganga ng mainstream media hihihi😅😃😄
    Yun lungs😎

    • I was expecting more from a typical DDS na tulad ni bong. Hihihi.
      Nahiya ka pa sa comment mo, kurutin kita dyan. Hihihi

  10. nag hollywood din sila
    Cesar Montano
    Iza Calzado
    Charice Pempengco
    yung mga actors sa Bourne Legacy

    mas mahaba lines and dialogues nila

    pero mas kinabog sila ni Kris Aquino

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