37 comments on “Michele Gumabao: The Beauty Queen of an Athlete

  1. Napaka plain beauty nya, pero sana magustuhan sya ng mga judges, goodluck 😊

    • @ @luiskie : Good afternoon/evening/morning.

      Plain by our standards. But the Albanians might find her pretty. Yes, bon success, Gumabao!

  2. Ready na sya sa Miss Globe.

    Matangkad sya pero nagmukha syang pandak sa magazine cover.
    Alam naman natin na may thunder thigh sya, bakit pa pina forward at naka bend yung binti.

  3. MG will win MG no matter what. But win or lose (I hope not) she should try Miss World next year. For sure she’ll ace every challenge there… especially the Sports Challenge. Let Miss Globe be a good pageant training ground for her. I just love the determination of this lady

  4. She is also an MUP crown worthy! Actually she is my second choice after Catriona.

  5. Gorg Mich! Hope you’ll get the first ever MG crown sa ating bansa… Good luck!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. One of the most well-rounded Binibini of all time…
    I hope she wins Ms. Global.

    • Bakla, iba ang Miss Globe…iba rin ang Miss Global…at mas lalong iba ang Miss Globe International at Miss Global International

      • No Fabyana, I wasn’t referring to what Norman said. What I meant was that if the team needed her badly then she should’ve participated, she’s a talented volleyball player and if they needed that extra firepower then I wouldn’t say anything against her participation. Besides kapapanalo pa lang naman naten sa Globe and pipichuging lang din yan so the Asian Games takes priority hihihihi

      • Haha! That was the vibe she gave me based on the pictures at the bottom part of the post.

    • I actually have the same observation from the start. To me she is Meghan Markle, Julie Ann San Jose and Patricia Tumulak rolled into one.

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