25 comments on “Miss Universe 2014 Reunion in Dakak

  1. I miss Dakak 😄
    Napunta ako dyan bcoz of Rotary Club and hello to Acaylar’s family in Dapitan☺
    Malalaki ang mga Jalosjos mga vecklah hihihi Dakkel/Dako😄yun lungs.
    Sinabihan ko Yung nagfafantasya sa akin na I will be in Dakak tomorrow at nasurprise ako at nandoon din sila kinabukasan kasama ang BF drinking their welcome drinks😄 JawsKuh at stalker ang ateh😊hihihi

  2. Best gowns of that year or any years: Singapore, Russia, and Ukraine…
    The worst national costume worn by a Filipina on Miss Universe stage: Philippines 2014.

  3. I really just want the girls to say “dakak” hihihihi they will all probably sound “dacock”… hihihihi

  4. Probably one of the most beautiful top 5. Jamaica, Netherlands and Ukraine. Even USA is gorg…

  5. Gwapo naman ng photographer!!! hihihi

    Glad to see how close they are.
    Parang yearly kung magreunion sila.

  6. The best batch ever. The sisterhood is apparent in this batch ha, except the malditang Paulina

    • yes noticeably, they do not invite colombia but the rest of the top 5 are in Pinas

  7. MJ should have been in top 5 that year… Ukraine should have won, Colombia should have been out!

    • Correct kung hindi dahil sa wedding gown na yan ni Bazzura, may chance. But it was really a very competitive batch talaga super lakas sa dating at drama but in intelligence department, i think kung nakapasok si MJ she could have fare well, 2nd runner at least. But again, past is past, yung mistake ni MAdam Stella eh bumawi naman kay PIA so may nadulot naman na maganda, so i moved on na rin. Loved kasi ng mga beks at Pageant fan si MJ, the same feels kay Cat ngaun. LAstly kudos ulit kay MJ super loved din sya ng mga 2014 sisterette nya kaya winner kay BAKLANG MJ!!!

    • Tanggapin na natin, even now looking back Paulina Vega was on a league of her own during MU14 kahit gaano man sya ka-maldita according to rumors. Even the moment she was crowned in their nationals ramdam mo na talagang sya mananalo sa MU. Rolene Strauss would’ve been her biggest competitor kung sa MU lang lumaban si Mareng Rolene. But even her i think no match pa rin sya kay Paulina especially Trump era pa yun so more more byuti and seksi and confidence lang less brains. Top 5 then should have been 1.Colombia 2.Ukraine 3.Jamaica 4. Philippines 5.Spain

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