13 comments on “Eva Patalinjug: “I will really do my best…to get our first Golden crown”

  1. For some unknown reasons she looks older than her stated age.
    Maybe the styling and presentation perhaps?

  2. MGT(hailand) is a tall(er) Huelar doppelganger and in possession of a Barbie doll waist and a perfect pair of breasts. She will make the Final 3, along with MGI(ndia). MGV(enesuela) Billanis Albares will win the Golden Crown (and trophy) of my dear sweet Angkol Itsaragisil.

  3. I have high hopes that you will make it dzai Eva! ilaban gyud dai ha…imo lage gn crown dai… praying for you and you’re success! Go for that MGI crown ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Nice girl
    Hope she does well
    The contest may not be prestigious
    But it’s entertainment value more than makes up for it .

  5. cheap pageant pinapatulan pa kasi ng Pinas
    never naman mananalo dito dahil si NAwat eh inggit

    wag ka na umasa Eva hanapin mo na lang si Adan mo

  6. Dapat super Dyosa ang costume at styling lagi since Nawat loves gorgeous ladies to win. I actually love that wedding gown dress she modeled in. Super alta and over-the-top.

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