17 comments on “Ella Eiveren Lubag for Miss Tourism World 2018

  1. She does not look Filipino…not evern Sotuheast Asian. She is obviusly recently mixed with an oriental likely chinese.

    Good luck to Ella…not a standard beauty by any stretch of the imagination…too oriental/mongoloid/chinese looking for people’s taste.

    However beauty knows no boundaries so good luck. You will need it as Chinese are notorius for not liking oriental looking women.

    • The Miss Tourism World pageant in china is a FAKE pageant the REAL Miss Tourism World began in 1991 and is based in the UK we also own the Miss Great Britain national pageant which began in 1945

  2. It’s well and good to have natural, non surgically enhanced beauty.
    Maybe a matter of styling, make up and fashion perhaps?

    A little bit of rhinoplasty wouldn’t hurt either.

  3. ay, magiging runner-up ito mga bakla….ang fez nya ay masyadong Chinese….. mananalo ito ng runner up..magpapaputol ako ng daliri pag hindi mangyari:)

  4. You all mean girls!!!! I hope that you are all good looking!!! She looks like Janine and is not that bad looking!!! Go girl for the Philippines!

  5. Pretty but needs a nose job ..bad .. or a good nose make up
    Not A winner for me

    • Lol….I hear you 🤗🤗🤗. If she can’t even win her local city’s pageant….what chance she’ll have in China????

      • Not winning Binibining Laguna doesn’t determine Ella Lubag’s chances in this upcoming pageant. Case in point: Ara Arida was also a Bb Laguna candidate—didn’t make the top 5–but that didn’t stop her from taking home the BBP-Universe crown.

        I think it’ll do Ella good to simply spread support and points of improvement rather than beating her down when the pageant hasn’t even started yet. I’m just saying…

      • Veks Pia lost 3 times…hihihihi Rachel lost in MWP, Laura lost in BBP…hihihihihi Even Ara lost in MEP…

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