21 comments on “The Starting Quartet for Miss World Philippines 2018

  1. alam naman nating lahat na lulutuin ni Julia ang MW
    kesehoda si Megan Young ulit ang ipadala
    di na mananalo ulit.

    sayang lang si Katarina dito sana sa Miss Earth Phil na lang siya
    sumali may chance pa makuha ang Miss Earth title


    Miss Scuba isama na sa big 4
    tanggalin ang MW sa big 4

  2. Katarina for Reina Hispanoamericana! B2B! Tutal, tunog Latina din apelyido Nya..parang Marquez.

  3. Kim looks very Pinay but no x-factor. Arienne can win RH since I heard she can speak Spanish. She’s probably told to give it another shot since she’ll probably answer the Q&A in Spanish to seal the deal. hihihihihi… I don’t see anything special with this Maureen girl, at least not yet. Kween Katarina lang talaga ang my oooomp factor to win it all.

    • Kim’s pinay looks is her x-factor, a lot better than Blandarina who you can mistake for a common white girl also Ariene or however her name is spelled shouldn’t be allowed to compete in any international pageant with that height and fez hihihi. I’m not sold on Maureen too, parang hindi ko pa ma-grasp yung hulma ng fez nya, she looks like a completely different person every time I see her photos.

      • My problem with Kim’s pinay looks is she’s too plain Pinay beauty. Waley talaga na ooomp factor. Think about Hilarie Parungao. Her beauty wasn’t my cup of tea but there is something with her Pinay looks that made her standout. Same with Shamcey. Maybe training will bring out the best in her. Basta I can sense Arienne answering the Q&A in English then translated to Spanish…hihihii

      • Kim and Hillarie’s beauty aren’t the same, Hillarie could have been mistaken for a Latina like Shamcey, very Filipino-Espanyol beauties. Kim on the other hand is chinita but looks a lot different than say Maxine/Aya, madi-differentiate mo agad sila. That’s x-factor right there. I do agree that there’s still room for improvement or baka hindi niya pa nilalabas lahat. I don’t really care if Arriene wins one of the patapon titles, wag lang MWP which is malabo namang mangyari hihihihi

  4. For me:
    Katarina Rodriguez will be Miss World Philippines 2018

    Minor titles:

    • Ohmayghad! Same tayo ng bets cyst. In that order din.

      MWP: Katareyna
      RHA: Arienne
      MEI: Kim (bilang galing na sya sa Miss Earth)
      Multinational: Gail

      I’m giving Maureen a runner-up finish so she can still join BBP and peobably win Miss Supranational or Grand International. Ganung peg ng pageants bagay sa kanya.

  5. I’d love for Kim to win MWP but it’s really unfortunate that she’s already locked for one of the patapon titles, poor her.

    Also I don’t want Maureen to join bbp next year and clinch MUP. In 3-4 years siguro if she’s still eligible. If she joins and wins MUP next year, then we would have sent 4 half-white half-pinay reps in the last 5 years with Maxine being the only full-blooded Filipina rep in recent years. That would put a bad light on how we Filipinos perceive the “whites” as the ideal beauty.

    • ikaw lang nag iisip nyan…nagkataon lang sa nakalipas na mga taon yung mga halfies ang nagstastand out at nagpaperform sa finals…and I really don’t see a problem sending mixed blood pinays…especially if they are deserving

      • It’s not just me tho? Remember last year when some pinoys were complaining how the 2017 bbp queens were mostly ‘half-breeds’ it even made it to some news websites. And yes Pia, Rach, and Cat were all deserving of their MUP wins and all pageant fans are aware of that pero hindi casual observers/audiences na ang unang mapapansin sakanila are their foreign sounding names and this sentiment will only grow stronger if we continue sending half-pinays in MU, I have nothing against our half-pinay queens and hopefuls, what I’m afraid of is them facing this situation and feel isolated.

  6. Miss Mundo Benesuela 2018 Veruska Ljubisavljevic will get the Blue Crown this year.

  7. pasok clang apat sa hula ko hihi hula lang nmn then i have Jerelleen and Maria Gail bubbling up..char ano dw haha….basta! goodluck girls

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