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  2. You have missed a spot for this year’s MW. You might have seen some newbies like Eiffel Janell Rosalita. Sir Norman, let me tell you that Eiffel Janell Rosalita has been a beauty queen but it was spotless all over because of her beauty. Its her 1st time to join such pageant as this. She might be entering the finalists but if she reaches the Q and A, I predict for her that she might be part of the Final 6.

  3. Hinde ko na pala need malaman if kung sino pa marunong mag spanish sa kanila. Arriene is enough for RH. Hinde ko na kikita ang RH crown sa kanya but who knows. Its okay pa din at least we will send a spanish speaking this time sa RH. Its really good. I hope sya ipadala sa RH. Coz katarina should be the MWP. If they will not give her the top prize. Then katarina for RH. Much better than arriene. But i hope katarina wins MWP and arriene for RH. Yung ibang title bahala na kung sino don. But much better kim And maureen for the remaining title. Gail tobes and muhlach girl as runner ups.

  4. So in short, lahat ng nag screen, pasok?LOL sana lang tlgaa. di kayo masayang lahat, girls. lol

  5. Katarina (MW) – Arienne(RH) – Maria Gail(MEI) – Maureen (MM) – Kim (Ru) Jerelleen(Ru)… ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Jerelleen Rodriquez Resume:

    – Certified Public Accoutant
    – Professor, Department of Accounting and Finance, University of the Philippines – Diliman
    – 2nd year Law Student, UP College of Law
    – Top 6, October 2013 CPA board licensure exam
    – Cum laude, BS Business Administration and Accountancy, UP Diliman
    – member of the National Union of People’s Lawyers
    – Chief Finance Officer, MGC Holdings, Inc., an angel investment hub
    – Education advocate
    – advocacy: critical thinking on social issues and right to access to information

    I hope she gets her fair share this time🙏
    I really like this girl 😍

    • she can be MutiNational Philippines; she can even win MultiNational 2018 following Senoren

    • Ok I’ll include Jereleen Rodriguez in my TOP 8 but she needs to get the svelte swimsuit body w/ abs and a big muscled butt. In addition, I need a better eye make-up and a more sleek modern & modelesque hairstyles please. If she achieves that… she could be the dark horse of this competition.

  7. hanggang lutuan ang MW
    kahit si Megan Young ulit ipadala mo duon every year di na mananalo ulit

    ang IMG eh gusto palawakin ang presence sa buong mundo
    hindi na ulit mananalo ang Asia .. maybe in 3 to 4 years ulit.
    Americas are due for a win and also Oceania.

    may pag asa pa sa Miss International kasi
    paborito tayo mga Hapon

    also Miss Earth — homegrown and homecourt advantage

    pero sa totoo lang mas may chance talaga sa Miss Scuba

    • Puke mo vakla! Sa Miss Scuba talaga? Pero bet ko mga banat mo. Napapatawa ko talaga. Maloka ibang bakla sayo iskobahin ka dyan! Charrr! Peace tayo. Hahaha!

  8. I like Maureen Montagne specially after watching her at Miss USA. I wish she’d join BBP. Katarina surprised me with her performance at Miss Intercontinental. These two will battle it out for the top crown.

    Oh Arrienne! I thought after Binibini you finally found your true calling which is the academe. I wish you’d stick to that because your face is simply not for “beauty” pageants. Sorry!

    • I disagree with your thoughts about Maureen. Pero agree na agree ako sa sinabe mo kay Ariene. Chaka niya, Mukha siyang frog. Diba yan yung mayabang na nagsabe na siya ang “woman of substance” kaya dapat manalo siya MUP?!? CHAKA. Bansot na, chaka pa. PWeh!

  9. Adrienne won first princess already .
    What if she fails to make the cut this time ? It’s possible due to questionable beauty

  10. My Top 7

    Katarina Rodriguez, Gail Tobes, Maureen Montaigne, Arienne Calingo, Kim De Guzman, Rose Murphy + 1 girl from overseas communities.

    • Ok I’ll include Jereleen Rodriguez in my TOP 8 but she needs to get the svelte swimsuit body w/ abs and a big muscled butt.In addition, I need a better eye make-up and a more sleek modern & modelesque hairstyles please.

  11. My top 3, Katarina, Arienne, and Maureen – will battle it out on Q&A❤️

  12. Norman, what happened to Nelda Ibe? I thought she’s going for it? Can you do an article with who the KF and A&Q girls are in MWP?

    • IVe read somewhere before that she will join but not this year. May pahiwatig sya that she will come back where her heart belong and its mw.

      • That’s good Jed I think she also knows what Kween Katarina would be hard to beat for the krown… Good strategy!

  13. Katarina or Kim for the win

    Though I think Katarina should to go Miss World

    Kim for Miss Eco International

  14. Weak batch just in line with one major title and three patapon titles. Keri na. Magcoronation na bukas at koronahan na si Blandarina.

  15. In fairview mas maraming magaganda this year. Isa lang talaga ang wishing well natin, sa fluent din sa espanyol and rep natin for RHA. Yun lang.

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