13 comments on “Binibining Cebu now open to #SingleMoms

  1. Bakit naman pinagkakaitan nyo na sumali ang isang dalagang ina bilang Binibining Cebu eh isa rin naman syang binibini basta’t di sya kasal Divahhhh 🙂
    Dalagang ina is still a Binibini basta nasa required age naman sya Divahhhh 🙂
    Divahhhhhh 🙂
    OMG, puede na akong sumali dito hihihihi … Divahhhh 🙂

  2. I really do not agree on this. They need to change first the title of this pageant. BINIBINING CEBU IS FOR SINGLE WOMEN AND NOT FOR SINGLE MOMS.
    And yes, this is a privilege for all single women. If they want to insist, there should be a different pageant for single moms. Let’s not please every woman or everyone by the inclusion of single moms, then later transgender. What the hell!

  3. I thought the word BINIBINI means a Miss or a Young Lady? They should change the name of the pageant to…Dalaga UG Ina ng Cebu or simply Cebuana 2018 #AllTeaNoSHade

    • By the way…BINIBINI is NOT a Cebuano or Bisaya Word…..the IRONY of it all….bakit kasi nagpipilit gamitin ang word ng Binibining? para to sound as prestigious as Bb. Pilipinas….hay naku!

  4. mas valid na reason to by allowing single moms to join Ms Cebu as platforms for empowered women than transgender in female beauty competitions na nag dedeclare ng “having a vagina does not make you a woman”. #etonanaman

  5. Though we don’t all agree or not comfortable with the thought of a single mom competing in a beauty pageant, i admire the organizers in “removing obstacles for women”

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