10 comments on “Road to Miss Asia Pacific International 2018: Lorna Legaspi of 1989

  1. Miss Universe ito kung bata pa sana sya ngayon 🙂
    Mukhang Virgin, di pasaway, genuine at kapansinpansin ang ganda + A&Q training and the Philippines sash factor = Miss Universe 2019 hihihi 🙂
    Vackla to Vackla sila ni Meowwww hihihi 🙂

  2. Di masyado kagandahan si Lorna… nagulat ako nanalo siya… batang bata pa ako non… siguro magaling sya sa Q&A.. di ko na matandaan

  3. I vividly remember back then Lorna Legaspi’s disarmingly charming and confident rendition of the song Dahil Sa Yo during the Q&A segment which clearly sealed her status as the front-runner and crowd favorite.

  4. I remember watching this edition where Lorn won when I was a kid….MAP was a big deal before…prestigious and popular

    • When Mutya ng Pilipinas had the Miss World franchise, the Miss Asia Pacific title is more important than the Miss World title

    • yup, naalala ko rin noon na parating sinasabi (mapa tv or newspaper) that miss asia pacific is the third most prestigious after miss universe and miss international…

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