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  1. is it really true that ecuador is flying to the PH anytime to train under A&Q?

      • totoo ba? omg. maka verify nga sa best friend ko! pinsan niya si miss ecuador.

    • what’s so special b sa mga camps here? ang lapit nya sa Venezuela pero dadayo pa sya dito

      • kung titignan mo lately, medyo palpak ang venezuela sa MU. i mean si Keysi lang ang pinakamataas na placement since gabriela isler. dati they always get sa top 5. ngayon, wala na unplaced pa si Mariam. hanggang top 10 lang compared to PH na consistent kundi top 10 eh nasa top 6 or 5.

        and siguro nga, napansin nila na iba ang training dito kaya ayun.

  2. OMG they are like so so so cute together, I wana hug them to death! I still remember the 1st time I met them…. I met Clint earlier than Cat through a TVC… My 1st impression, I thought Clint was a hunky gaydude cause he’s super duper nice to me who’s also a dude btw… Clint even added me on FB so I thought maybe he’s into Asian looking dudes… and then I found out he’s just really really really nice to everyone, it was so disapointing!.. and then after that I had a commercial w/ both of them… I think back then they, Cat & Clint were only dating for a few weeks or I don’t know maybe a couple of months… They were already like very close best-friends madly in love… I even saw them kiss each other at a private corner… at that moment, I felt like I totaly wanted to rip Catriona’s face off for being so pretty, such a girly-girl and and for stealing Clint from me hahaha That Bitch!?!… But then I found out later on that she’s also super effiiin NICE!!! even nicer than Clint actually… OMG, I really felt so guilty when I was plotting stuff against her in my head..( Yeah, I know I’m such a hatefull person but I don’t act on it, trust me and nobody can tell cause I look dead on the face. LOL)… As in seriously, they are like the nicest people you’ll ever meet!!!… I’ve been a fan of hers ever since. They are in the same caliber of niceness as Megan Young and her family… followed by Ariela Arida… I LOVE THEM ALL.. Anyway, I love you Cat!!! I know you will win!!! To me CATRIONA is MISS UNIVERSE 2018.

    -Cat’s former biggest hater and now her biggest fan! 😀

    • Narinig Ko lang ,yung dating camp nya eh nagpunta sa restaurant. Meron daw silang itritrain na Ibing lahi na banyagA. In retaliation ba ito dahlia Cat just dropped them?

      • Ay gurl thunder kana , Panahon pa ni Padre Damaso yan. Candidate from other than Asia ….hmmmmm ay later na I reveal.

      • Ateh, dimogetz😄
        Nagawa na nila yan dati fa sa time ni maxine at gagawin pa rin nila yan 4ever ke ibang camp galing or sa camp nila galing ang MUP😄
        Getz mo na vecklah hihihi😋

      • @Ivan si Ecuador yun oh yan ha spluk ko na, parang hirap na hirap ka eh. Niwey agree ako kay bong700 you missed his point. Ganaps na nila yan na magtrain ng ibang lahi dati pa kahit pa kanila din galing MUP so hindi na dapat iniisip na ganti kay Cat eme eme. Sure ako miski sila alam nilang wala sila maitatapat kay Cat

        Alam ko daming hindi sang ayon na magtrain ng ibang lahi pero isipin nyo na lang dito nila pinipili magtrain kesa sa Venezuela or Colombia, ibig sabihin nirerecognize nila na legit powerhouse ang Pilipinas. Saka bayad naman yan doncha worry

      • Si mocha ka ba ? Kasi bobita ka rin eh ! I’m referring to aces and queen Hindi sa ibang camp. Indonesia was trained by Kagandahang F not aces and queen. Oh well . Question do you know what country are they trying to train right now. Hmmm walang alam ang purita! I’ll give you the first letter E

      • very common na yan. Sinimulan kasi ng KF For Krown and Kountry daw…hihihihihi Eh ang Aces, dry and dry na sa Miss U after 2 years of not winning the crown. I hope Ecuador does well.

        If there’s one candidate who I think has potential to win if trained here would be Australia. That girl is oozing with sex appeal.

        If the KF bet for Miss Guam wins Miss UG then KF will have its own candidate to train.

      • @Ivan ayan na nga oh sinabi ko na on my previous comment na Ecuador. may pa-clue ka pa ihh, eh kalat naman na sa IG yan bago mo pa binalita ditey

        just so you know, Kezia Warouw (Miss Indonesia-Universe 2016 at kalaban ni Maxine) trained under A&Q. Oh ayan ebidensya sa baba, MUA nya si Albert Kurniawan from A&Q. Lahat ng commenters dito alam yan. So next time you call someone “bobita” and “purita” I suggest that you look at yourself in the mirror first and do your own research

  3. Clint looks ordinary , nothing special . Parang napainom lang sa kanto .
    He’s lucky to have classy Cat

  4. Their relationship is highly commendable. Being a couple in the modelling industry is quite tough, maraming temptation, but this couple strongly and firmly stands. Salute to this couple.

  5. I thought at first that the article’s title was “Catriona’s Clit” lol

  6. Nice video of Clint and cat..more natural and spontaneous than pia and Marlon’s…

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