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  1. I’m loving the sultry Asian Miss Australia. I think she might be the dark horse this year. I hope A&Q trains this gorgeous lass. I heard that Miss Ecuador is already being trained by A&Q? I have high hopes for Miss Vietnam to do what Kaci Fennel did! We need her! She’s modern and edgy Asian beauty.

  2. Her cause is to win Miss Universe and become famous as a transgender woman. Simple as that. Do I have to state what’s obvious for you? Stop being a prick and just accept things are evolving already. Do you really believe that all contestants of Miss Universe have causes that involve charity? Some are just chosen because of a casting call with no advocacy to start with. At least, Angela won her national pageant fair and square, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    This will always come back to Catriona, CatrionaFan. No matter how much you deny it, you get hurt if she’s being critiqued or being talked bad about. I do really hope she wins this year’s pageant so that you can save some of your dignity in this blog or wherever you exist in this world.

    • Oh please. Many times have I acknowledge Cat’s flaws. You? Did you ever praise Cat for here positive traits? Nada. Isa kang echoserang palaka. My question is clear – nasa top ba si Spain because of merits or because of the cause Spain represents? If it is because of the latter, EWWW. Spain is beig exploited.

      • Lol! If you’ve read my previous comments properly, you would have noticed that I did praise her for her improvements. Oh well, you just hate me because I don’t see what you see in Catriona. Anyway, you’re just insecure because Angela Ponce is making more waves compared to Catriona. She is making news because this is a first time that a transgender will walk on stage and represent her country in MU. And if the organization will take advantage of this, you no longer have any control over it because you are just a fan. And even if you boycott MU, it will still make more news, more profit and perhaps increase its relevance because it already acknowledges transgender women in the pageant. You’re just a hater. A gay guy who can’t accept for who he is and what he is. And you project this hatred to Angela Ponce who’s just living her dream and other transgender women out there. Don’t blame Angela for her merits because she is doing far better than you are. Remember, you are just a FAN. Nothing more, nothing less.

  3. I don’t think Venezuela will make it this year, I like Brazil better. Angela Ponce will be in the top 15. I’m liking the delegates from Europe, France, Belgium, Georgia, Armenia, and Albania.

  4. USA

    or a dark horse from the Americas or Oceania

    Asia will be in Top 10
    Africa and Europe too

    sorry Catriona you will be a clapper

    • Maganda pa din siya, humble and mabait. Winner, Top 5, Top 10, Top 16 or non-placer man. Eh ikaw? 😋😋😋

  5. My only concern abt USA is her ‘muscular ‘ body . She needs to tone it down or she will suffer the same fate as Erin of 2013. Pageants like feminine girls like Olivia C Olivia J and Nia Sanchez.
    I think ultimately who gives the most impressive answer at Q and A will win the crown . So it’s really a matter of fate.

  6. This is Miss Universe not Miss Gay Universe dear blogger, respeto nmn dyan

  7. Thailand does not even belong in this group beauty-wise… but if Vietnam made it in 2008, she will probably unfairly sneak into the semis as host delegate.

  8. for the third time, the host delegate from Thailand will be clapping in the background. But who knows? Anything can happen in the IMG era

  9. Catriona is still the ONE to beat. Magkakatalo-talo na lang yan kung sino ang lumalamon ng microphone at may sustansya ang

  10. basta si cat pa rin ang kokoronahan! cat will be the philippines’ 4th miss universe! ❤ 🙂

  11. Don’t forget Mexico who’s trainned by Osmel Sausa..

    Other 2 politicaly favored countries w/ no winners yet would be Puerto Rico and Jamaica…

    Aside from USA and/or Australia… another girl from the Pacific/North America/Caribean may make the TOP 5.

  12. USA is one of my top three alongside Cat and South Africa but she sometimes registers as a common white girl in photos.

    Vietnam and Ecuador rounds up my top 5.

    Australia is a no for me, that swimsuit photo of hers wasn’t tastefully done just look at her crotch area, bakat na bakat yung vagigi.

    Venezuela’s ‘transformation’ was overdone. I think they’ll clap this year but it’s still early to tell.

    Spain has her story backing her and MUO will for sure milk everything from it. Top 10.

    Thailand is meh but since she’s the host delegate, I’m assuming she’s an automatic top 16.

    Mas feel kong may bumulaga na girl, someone who’s not on everyone’s radar and/or someone who keeps getting underestimated. I don’t want MU 2018 to be too obvious that it has become boring.

  13. Why is Spain there? Will he still be there if not for the fact that he is a transgender?

    • Why you are here? Will you still be here if not for the fact that you are a paid trying hard fag supporter of catriona?

    • So much for LGBTQ rights, eh, CatrionaFan? Why can’t you just be happy that Miss Universe is now more accepting of people from different backgrounds and sexuality? So what if he’s a transgender? For sure, you have some minimal desire to join beauty pageants, be it subconscious or not. Are you insecure of transgenders who are able to live their life and achieve their dreams? Or you’re just threatened that your bet might lose to the likes of Angela Ponce? Come on, being a fan is acceptable, but questioning the capacity of a person to join a contest is way beyond insulting. It’s people like you who makes it difficult for the members of LGBTQ to get accepted and respected in society. It’s such a shame that a mere homosexual targets his own kind. I do hope Cat wins Miss Universe, because it’s going to be a one hell of a show if Angela Ponce wins it. And for sure, you’ll be the first one to cry out foul.

    • Please. Do not confuse this with LGBTQ+ rights. Is she there because of merits or because he is a transgender and symbolizes a cause?

      • Whatever you say, CatrionaFan. I don’t buy your twisted reasons for questioning Angela Ponce’s inclusion to Miss Universe 2018. If she identifies herself as a woman, then so be it. And MUO allowed transgender women to join the pageant, which means that they accept diversity. You are definitely a hater, just like any other insecure gay man here. Your idol doesn’t have any problem with it, why can’t you do the same?

      • Lol. Answer the issue I am raising. Connect ka din lagi kay Cat noh. Kaloka ka teh.

  14. Kaloka ang Missosology agosto palang may hot picks na. Hindi pa man nakokoronahan ang ibang kandidata. LOL.

    World peace 🙂

  15. Actually mas maraming magaganda this year and anyone can come out as a surprise. Eto yta ang edition na may maraming maganda. Mahihirapan si Cat for sure.

  16. What do you think of Ms. Malta, Sir Norman? I find her very beautiful. I also like Misses Peru and Brazil.

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