8 comments on “TedX Talks: Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa on Mental Health and Depression

  1. That mental health weighs heavily in the post-pageant agenda of Verzosa is not unexpected. Lest we forget, she herself went through depression and her father himself is bipolar. And I recall in one of those television interviews she gave shortly after winning in Tokyo wherein she thanks her family : “..Alam nilang hindi naging madali ang pinagdaanan (namin)…”, or something to that effect.

    Her legacy to pageantry was how she made us all aware that these various titles are BRANDS : “…the BRAND of the Miss International pageant relevant to the global community, and to our time”. And now, we are all so conscious of the need to preserve the values attributed to them : “Confidently Beautiful”, “Beauty With a Purpose”, “Charming Role Model”, etc.

    And those doe eyes!

  2. Looking at the video, I can say that she is among the prettiest former beauty queens along with Lara Charlene and ( at least early on in their career ) Ruffa and Gloria.

  3. She really took her advocacy seriously, among all the Queens and their advocacies she pushed for hers the most. Her showbiz career is also going smoothly. I have high respect and admiration for this true beauty queen.

  4. A beauty queen who doesn’t stop her advocacy after her reign is a #RealBeautyQueen

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