7 comments on “Press Release: The Hosting of Miss Universe 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand

      • Ei kasi naman de @CatrionaFan di pa rin ata matanggap na nanalo c CAT as MUP2018 tas ngayon lalaban na sa Miss U! hahahahah kawawang soul namatay sa inggit hahahaha RIP nlng po…. hahahahaha

  1. Since the owner of MUO is not Trump anymore they should change their crown that associated or with relevance to the vision and mission of WME/IMG to have it’s own identity. The crown should mark elegant and sensitivity to the Organization and has it’s own identity and not a copy cut from others. It should be given to the new winner come this December 2018.

    • @ Jigger : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      The crowns that were more associated with Donald Trump were the scalloped Diamond Nexus and the DIC “french fries”. I do not know anything could be more elegant than the resurrected “Phoenix” of Mikimoto, after the mythical bird that rises from its own ashes so that it could in theory live forever. And in its unique “peacock” form, I a unaware from which crown it was copied. Please share with us..

      But yes, host Thailand takes great pride in its jewellery tradition, as seen with the almost annual revision of the MUT (national) crown. This could be another opportunity for the Kingdom to make their third hosting job unforgettable/memorable.

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