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  1. Impressive video! Cat and her team are more prepared than I thought. That video is a proof that they are indeed leaving no stones unturned. Aside from the Philippines, I think they considered Japan and Thailand as the two other probable venues. Very smart.

  2. sana magsuot sya nung kwintas katulad dun sa mga Thai
    tas ear cuff then hand cuffs pati na rin sa legs din maglagay siya ng chain na may ball.. winner na winner for sure

  3. pasabog din ang video nya sa MW
    na torch naman

    i think mas mananalo siya sa ME19 title na sya for sure

    • at pag nanalo sa sa ME? edi lalo kang naipot ja sa kainggitan! malulunod kna nun s sabaw ng kainggitan at kamuhian dahil di mo matangaap tanggap na nanalo ca CAT! hahahahaha kawawa

  4. Im so excited.

    History might repeat itself.

    Remember former MW alum Michelle McLean won in Bangkok in MU 1992 after joining and losing in MW 1991.

  5. I might have an idea why people think cat looks heavier in photos but very slim on videos. it has something to do with her legs. Her team has absolutely done well from her waist up although they need to do something with her legs too especially her gastrocnemius area to make it more proportionate to the rest of her body. ang current impression kasi is, she looks shorter in pictures than her actual height. Her legs reminds me of amelia vega. people didnt realize na she actually towers at 6 feet kasi her legs are a bit wider too. pero kevs na kasi miss universe naman hehe i feel that cat can achieve rachels leg proportions as well with the right training.

    • There is nothing wrong with her calves..

      She just needs to grow her butt and outer thighs to create a more hour glass figure.

    • She also has a wide upper torso. Catriona is NOT fat. The extra weight on the chest area… yun ang problem. Catriona’s MWP body is good, toning lang kulang. Liposuction or fat-freezing sa sides ng upper torso and needed. Legs can be toned sa squats and other leg workouts that can also improve the butt area. Goal dapat is hourglass figure. Cat doesn’t need to be thin to the point na anorexic na siya. Payat na talaga eh, toning sa problem parts na lang ang kulang. 4 months pa! LABAN lang!!

  6. Ngayon lang ako magcocomment. Dami na kasing mga pala-away dito sa blog ni Sir Norman. Nakaka bad vibes.

    Anywayzzz, I am extremely excited for Cat. I just feel like it would be such a waste if the MUO crowns another candidate. Cat is the complete package here. She has the facial beauty, height, intelligence, confidence, talent, spectacular communication skills, personality (Hindi sya boring), and a heart of gold (she strives to serve her community through her charities). Hindi ko na alam kung Hindi pa enough or more than enough si Cat for MU.

    I really hope the org sees this in her. If IMG is going to try to crown a queen from a different continent each year, ang unfair naman. We had Paulina from the Americas, Pia from Asia, Iris from Europe, Demi from Africa. Ano ang susunod? Oceania??? So Australia ang target this year lol? Kasi honestly, waley masyadong nagstastand out for me. Aside from Phils, USA, SA and Vietnam.

    Pero sa totoo lang, if it’s cat’s destiny, she will win the crown. At the end of the day, I know she will make us proud. Her preparation is commendable. Tutok talaga sya sa lahat. I like that she’s very involved sa team Nya and she’s very creative talaga. Such a perfectionist as well. This woman knows how to brand herself lol.

    • Don’t worry about anything. At the end of the day, we know, Cat is doing and did her part. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. 😀

    • Bakla….think it over, oo from Oceania…..Australia….born in Australia!!!! Its Catriona!

  7. OMG ang ganda ng video at ni CAT!!! ayaw mo talaga paawat CAT!!! nakaka excite lalo! laban lang CAT!!!! andito lang kmi for you ❤ ❤ ❤ … pwera sa mga di pa din maka move on na nanalo ka sa BBP as MUP at lalaban ka now for Miss U! hahahahah

  8. Maganda ang simula. Don’t know what will be the next bullet that they will release. Some would say there should be an element of surprise. Four months, let’s wait and see the final product. The usual mystery is the gown, Tumang will be the designer ? Baguhan lang sa industry, Medyo minsan sablay ang gawa.

  9. Nadala ng excitement ang team nya thats why inupload agad ang video. Parang naunahan ang MUO sa promotion. But i think its okay. Expect na talaga na may maglalabas ng promotional video after announcing and hers is so captivating naman na mapapabook ka talaga. I think its not over exposed. Hinde naman tayo yearly ganyan so its okay. Strategy nila yan. But i agree din na hinay hinay sana sila sa susunod. But everything worth it naman. Walang tapon sa mga updates nila.

    • Leche kung passive naghahanap ng pasabog. Hayyy.. may masulat lang.

  10. Can you come up with a meme for this photo?

    Indulge me with your humor dear readers.

  11. Talagang hindi nagpapahuli si Cat haha may pa-video na agad sa Thailand! And that dress is so beautiful, Cat also.

    However, I’m getting a bit tired now from all these Catriona updates. It’s a bit much for me, I love Cat and I know that it’s not their fault that Catriona is getting booked left and right but I kinda wish they keep things in moderation. She’s slowly being overexposed, in my opinion. Pia’s preparation was the most ideal for me, she had a lot of updates but they know when to keep things calmed down and when to make a pasabog.
    This is a lot better than last year’s situation with Rachel though.

      • Ha? Who are you to order someone to shut up? Feelingerang bakla like yourself should sit down and learn to respect other’s opinions instead of yelling at people.

      • Eto yung pa-positive kunwari but the goal is to bring down Cat. Negative talaga. Please teh. Enough!

      • Lol CatrionaFan you are so paranoid and delusional. There was nothing that pulled down Cat fom what I said. Waley akong pake kung anong tingin mo sakin noh cuz you’re irrelevant hihihi

      • Nope is burned! hahaha kilala ko to eh ang lapad ng ilong at may putok hahaha

    • problem is sa dami ng engagements nya at everybody taking pics and uploading on instagram.. talagang maooverexpose sya.. d m naman kasi pwedeng sabihan ang mga tao to not post it.. un ngang pic nya na little miss philippines nagulat sya at bakit nahalukay pa.. pati din kasi latin pages inirerepost sya.. pero ganun din si demi leigh last year over exposed din sa insta at social media.. dami nga negative issues sa kanya.. pero winner pa din sya.. d mo kasi makokontrol ang fans..

      • That’s why I said for her team to manage her appearances na and to keep their preparations under wraps. Wala nanaman na yatang major events to come.

      • CatrionaFan I supported Cat sa BBP while I despised the idea of Aya winning, you can scroll through the bbp 2018 articles and you’ll see exactly just that so you can’t tell me I support Aces because I don’t. But why should I explain myself to a newbie troll in this blog who can’t accept other’s opinion na hindi naman about Cat herself?

      • Newbie daw ako. Pwe. Anyway, wisdom does not necessarily comes with age. #PaSuperior

      • Lol whatever CF u keep changing directions and just throw whatever comes into your empty mind. I stand by my opinion that Cat’s becoming overexposed and you can keep crying in a corner hihihi.

      • “Know when to peak”- Shamcey Supsup

        Catriona is a celebrity so it is really hard to keep her whereabouts and happenings under wraps. She has engagements left and right at the moment but I assume that it will be less around September when she goes full training mode and preparation.

        I think the only pasavogue would be her body transformation like Pia. If they can wow us with that then she’s almost like a shoo-in for the crown.

      • Know when to peak. Para yan sa usual pageant candidate. Cat is very much different from all past reps. Normal for her is pasabog level na for others. Second, mga teh. Para sa inyo super pasabog na ang video. What you might not know is many more na mas pasabog. Speak when you know her plans. Shut up when you dont coz your advises are not well-informed.

    • I agree with you nope. I love catriona and am hoping that she will be our 4th miss universe. but i find overexposed na din, in moderation lang sana.

    • Eh di, wag kang mag internet!!! Sa Finals ka na mag bukas ng social media para hindi over exposed si Catriona sa yo!!!! Hindi nag-iisip bago mag comment. 😀

  12. sana magsuot sya nung kuwintas na gamit ng mga Thai tas earcuff and hand cuffs

    • win na win siya kapag yung mga bracelets na ginawang kuwjntas lagay sa leeg nya or sa baywang nya para mas sexy pa sya laki kasi tiyan nya

      • mas win na win ka kung malunod ka sa kainggitan dai dahil over na over na ang kainggitan mo tlaga kay CAT . kahit ano gagawin mo para mang bash…hahahaha makikiramay na ako in advance pag nategi kna soon sa kainggitan at ka bitteran mo … hahahaha

  13. Ganda ng gown, yan ang tinatawag na Welcome to my Coronation Night Gown! #AllTeaNoShade

  14. The new Miss Universe 2018 is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, USA!!!


  15. Ganda ng gown nya dyan. Everything was on point. Kahit yang gown na yan plus ung nasa kamay nya with that performance pasok sa top 5 gown competition ng MU. Winner na winner ang dating.

  16. Ganda ng gown nya dyan. Everything was on point. Kahit yang gown na yan plus ung nasa kamay nya with that performance pasok sa top 5 gown competition ng MU. Winner na winner ang dating.

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