25 comments on “It’s now Official! Miss Universe 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand

  1. Ngayon lang ako magcocomment. Dami na kasing mga pala-away dito sa blog ni Sir Norman. Nakaka bad vibes.

    Anywayzzz, I am extremely excited for Cat. I just feel like it would be such a waste if the MUO crowns another candidate. Cat is the complete package here. She has the facial beauty, height, intelligence, confidence, talent, spectacular communication skills, personality (Hindi sya boring), and a heart of gold (she strives to serve her community through her charities). Hindi ko na alam kung Hindi pa enough or more than enough si Cat for MU.

    I really hope the org sees this in her. If IMG is going to try to crown a queen from a different continent each year, ang unfair naman. We had Paulina from the Americas, Pia from Asia, Iris from Europe, Demi from Africa. Ano ang susunod? Oceania??? So Australia ang target this year lol? Kasi honestly, waley masyadong nagstastand out for me. Aside from Phils, USA, SA and Vietnam.

    Pero sa totoo lang, if it’s cat’s destiny, she will win the crown. At the end of the day, I know she will make us proud. Her preparation is commendable. Tutok talaga sya sa lahat. I like that she’s very involved sa team Nya and she’s very creative talaga. Such a perfectionist as well. This woman knows how to brand herself lol.

  2. Nakuh😄
    Medyo rest ang puday ng mga thai vecklah sa time na yan kc puro velatan at paminta ang mga turista hihihi 😄
    Anyway, magcecelebrate nman cila and enjoy watching MU2018😄
    Fafalakfak ang labia majora at minora ko sa fagkafanalo ni Meowwww🤗hihihi

  3. I hope they don’t select former Miss Universe winners as judges. They might feel insecure with Cat and pull her down. I feel like that’s one of the things that happened during Miss World. hihihihi

  4. Thailand is hosting so they can be on the Top 16. That’s the only way they can be on the semifinalist.

    • 1992 – Thailand clapped
      2005 – Thailand clapped (Norway, who is half Thai, placed in the top 15)

      If this trend will continue, looks like Thailand will clap again unless there is a fan vote

      • at least the three times that Philippines hosted MU, all our reps managed to crack the semi final spot (1974) and even managed to penetrate top 6 in 1994 and 2016

    • last time when they hosted back in 2005 they failed to make the cut…It’s Indonesia who made the cute from asia

  5. Ginoggle ko Kung sino is apasra hongsakula..maganda sya at the time nakoronahan sya..and thereabouts..so trivia: taelandia got their first MU crown 4 years ahead of us..

    • Why call Thailand tae? Geeezzz huli ka na sa balita ang baho pa ng pinagsusulat mo. Leche kung maka tae.

    • Nanalo lang naman si Apasra kasi niece siya ng Thai Queen, siempre for exposure din yan no

  6. Does anyone the exact dates? Need to book my flights and accommodation.

  7. I’m glad it’s happening in Thailand!
    I’m also very excited that Cat will do a Chalita! Arrive to the country with a BANG!

  8. Oh Em Gee.. At least meron na tayong venue, wheewwww at di na January. Goodluck Queen Cat, I know you will be loved in Thailand

  9. finally, may formal announcement na. I really believe Thailand can be a good host. Thais are one of the pageant crazy fans as well like pinoys. Sana lang they’ll give us a better show than what we did here in Manila. kahit gusto natin gawing ‘filipinize’ ang pageant, hindi pinayagan. Sana lang ngayon we’ll have a very grand and unique stage – enough of the led walls and same old backgrounds, please? lol

    I’m not worried kay Cat – feeling ko naman kahit san ganapin ang MU, if it’s really for her, she’ll be crowned MU18. besides, pumunta na siya ng Thailand recently di ba? and kilala siya don ng mga fans. so let’s wait and see.

    I’m still hoping na pag sa Pinas uli gawin, ma showcase ang paskong pinoy dito or if not December, ang summer season – all the girls get to enjoy Boracay, El nido and many more. kung pwede lang they stay here ng 1 month. hahaha!

    AND.. sana naman hindi ganito pabitin ang MU sa future. may bago na silang management, sana naman they can get a host country as early as possible – like before di ba, at the end of the finals night… SEE YOU IN (insert host country here) next year. di ba ang saya non?

    • Cat just posted her highlight video of their Thailand trip. oh di ba? timing na timing! parang they know all along na sa Thailand gagawin. ang galing ng mga tao sa paligid niya. ❤

      • Of course they know. Cat has to register for Miss Universe competition so the venue is announced to the contestants.

  10. I wish Michelle McLean was at the press conference too … I am sure the staging in December will be very beautiful

  11. – Tataas nanaman ang tourist arrival ng Thailand- result, revenue na makikinabang ang publiko.
    – Magiging bonga for sure ang prod that showcases their unique culture and tradition just like in 2005
    or baka mas bongga pa nga dahil gusto nila pantayan yung 2005 edition and also to sxceed fans
    expectations na rin.
    – Magiging bagong paborito na ni Madam Paula ang Thailand at baka nga i offer dito and hosting
    rights again the next year.
    – Papasok si Miss Spain Angela Ponce dahil na rin sa influence ng lgbtq community sa Thailand. Kung
    di man sa tuff 5 atlist sa tough 16.
    -Thailand, Philippines and Usa will be in the tough 5 pero malakas ang pakiramdam ko na c USA ang
    mag uuwi ng korona.

    This is going to be exciting. Mag aabang ako sa social media for the pasabogs!

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