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  1. Magsitigil kayo😄
    Patch is an elder sister of Amal and Klea is a daughter of Dindi Gallardo Ok😄
    I don’t know if she’s Gabby’s daughter 😄 cherette mga sis🤗

  2. Let them be what they want to be. Let them go for their dreams (big or small) whatever it may be. Who are you to judge.. Judge ka ba?

    • Realistic lang, bakla. We are no judge pero as a fan, we are free to share our point of views.

  3. My Top 8

    1. Patricia Magtanong
    2. Nicole Guerrero
    3. Steffi Aberasturi
    4. Leren Mae Bautista
    5. Klea Pineda
    6. Samantha Lo
    7. Angelica Alita
    8. Sandra Lemonon

    My possible winners:

    Miss Universe

    Patricia Magtanong/Nicole Guerrero

    Miss International

    Steffi Aberasturi/Nicole Guerrero


    Samantha Lo/Klea Pineda

    Grand International

    Leren Mae Bautista/Steffi Aberasturi/Klea Pineda


    Klea Pineda/ Samantha Lo/ Nicole Guerero


    Angelica Alita/Klea Pineda

    1st RUp

    Klea Pineda/Samantha Lo

    2nd RUp

    Sandra Lemonon

    May hahabol pa ba?

  4. Patch looks like ariella arida and leni robredo. I agree on others some observation about them. But there are rooms to grow or improvement. Its too early to say NO and Yes but lets give them a chance to prove their worth in pageantry. But for me Klea is too young as of now. If asking, take more serious training first after 2 years is the best start to walk on pageant stage. Patch M, she can join this year in mwp or next year for experience for bbp and see if she can satisfy us.

  5. Uhm Patch kelangan nyang mag transform into pageant look… Academic Credentials given na yan ei.

  6. Sour Patch reminds me of Aya. Ang babaeng sobra kung i-hype ng camp para sa top crown pero chaka at nganga ang face naman. Kumpara sa current winner naten, napakalaking downgrade ng dalawang yan sa beauty department. Upgrade na nga tayo eh, gusto niyo na naman ba bumalik sa past years na sinasabi ng mga latinos and asian neighbors na we make it not because of the beauty of our candidates but of our “sash factor” and fans lang? These 2 girls are not ugly pero my gosh kumpara talaga kay pusa, do you think na upgrade ba yan? Kasuya na yang putahe na yearly force-feeding ng aces and queens. I don’t care about sa educational background or whatever story na meron sila. These type of girls are usually fillers sa semis. I will be rooting for an independent girl or someone na will surprise us. Sobrang daming pinay girls na same level ni Cat sa beauty, why settle with these mediocre girls? If we are aiming for a back2back, we need to find someone na if not an upgrade kay cat, at least same level naman. Fun fact lang, assuming (also hoping and praying) na cat will win, exactly a decade ang historical 2008-2009 win ng vene na we will try to replicate sa 2018-2019.

  7. Patch is like a refined, smarter, and taller Ara Arida. I’m not sure if I’d be glad to see her in a national pageant, though. I know her personally and she’s definitely no pageant brat.

  8. Only Klea, Patch is overrated. I’ve seen hundreds of girls who look like her and NO she’s definitely no Shamcey Supsup.

    • Outstanding ba siya sa UP Law like Tere Licaros? NO. So, “beauty and brain” is not that apt for Patch.

      • FYI, Patch was already a Top model prior to U.P. Law School.

        Is Teresa Licaros and Shamcey Supsup as tall and modelesque as Patch? NO. 🙂

        Were Teresa Licaros and Shamcey Supsup Top models prior to their academic achievements? NO. 🙂

        Does Catriona Grey have a Law Degree at UP? NO. 🙂

      • Cat , getting accepted to law school at UP is enough evidence she is very very very smart.

      • C2F listen here… I may not be the most amiable person here but what we’re NOT gonna do is shame people based on their credentials. It’s just wrong on so many levels. You can brag about yours or others’ credentials and achievements but undermining people’s academic level is very distateful. Not everyone can be OR needs to be a doctor, lawyer, or whatever, and you should respect that.

      • Please. This girl is plain in person. How do I know? Ahem. Ahem.

      • So who are you to actually undermine Patch? What is your sole basis of this claim that the title “beauty and brains” isn’t apt for Patch? We shouldn’t be quick to judge people based solely on what transpires on your screens. Idk why people are very quick to judge without actual scrutiny? 🙄 kind of pisses me off. Especially when people come after others as if they were experts. Wth

      • Pangit siya sa mata ng majority ng population ng mundong eto. “top model” saan? Sa pinas lang naman nagmodel-modelan yan which proves our point na hindi siya papasa sa panlasa ng mga foreign pageant fans. Kung mga pinoy nga di siya bet eh. Yung beauty niya ay pang pokpok na gusto ng mga old and expat foreigners. Hindi siya maganda. Yun lang.

  9. mag abogada ka na lang ineng
    mas may future ka duon
    wag ka na sumali sa palengke pageants wala ka naman mapapala diyan

  10. Sayang namn si patch kung s isang cooking show lang cya sasali…

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