20 comments on “Sunday Senti Specials: The Year was 2000, a memorable time for India in Pageantry

  1. This was the time they loved exotic India. Don’t count them out yet, they often make it to the first cut without the help of online votes. I don’t know why Westerners love them. Also, I won’t be fooled about cool and down-to-earthedness because celebrity affords you that and maybe she was just having a good day. My white Aussie ex-boyfriend’s Indian sister-in-law made his brother and their kid not visit his family anymore. I won’t judge the Indian woman but his family is so sweet and nice. He felt bad about it so much that he felt he owed his family a daughter-in-law and a grandchild from him, thus he remains in the closet until now. They are strong-willed women with spunk and confidence which our queens need more of. Sweet is not really gonna get you a crown at Miss Universe.

      • I’m not talking about Miss World. Just Miss Universe. Julia Morley loves India and will always love India.

  2. India indeed dominated the MU and MW stage back in the 90s and early 2000s but come mid 2000s to present they have failed to evolve and they keep sending antiquated reps which don’t work anymore

  3. Nina was so bright and shiny during The pageant .
    She could have given Lara a serious competetion.
    Unfortunately, It wasn’t her time ;(

  4. Naalala ko tuloy, we used to have “Oxana Fedorova” as a commentator.

    I have in mind the Russian cop, Lupita Jones, and Lara Dutta as THE quintessential MU’s!

    Preliminaries scores pa lang, puro 9.000 or more. They hit the ground running, took a most convincing early lead, and never looked back.

    Attention MUO, please bring back the individual scores display. OK lang kahit hindi na naka-indicate to which judge.

  5. Nakuh naman mga sis hihihi😄
    ITigil na yang nina ricci alagao bruhaha kc kulang cya sa ganda at smart lang cya according to my sense of sight and hearing😄 cherette hihihi
    Mas maganda pa c papa Michael Flores sa kanya😊Divahhhh

  6. The 90’s and 2000 was the golden years of India.

    2 Miss Universe titles, 4 Miss World titles, 2 of those crowns were double victory.

    But those were the days. And looks like India will have a hard time replicating this feat again, especially now Philippines is upping their game (though the double victory came from different orgs and different pageant – 2013 : Miss World/Miss International and 2015 : Miss Universe/Miss Earth)

  7. PH reps during the “dark ages” of PH pageantry were helpless sa mga tacky wardrobe courtesy of Cumbia and Barraza, kahit gaano pa sila ka-prepared at ka-brilliant.

    • nina alagao back then showed a lot of promise…kinapos lang sa ibang bagay cguro…if the training and resources back then is like the way it is being handled right now I believe nina can win

  8. Certainly, India’s achievement in pageantry can hardly be duplicated by any country, let alone in Asia, but in the entire world as well. If I may add, Tito Norms, India’s Dia Mirza also won an international title that same year. She was Miss Asia Pacific 2000. Indeed, the victories of Misses Femina India Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra, and Dia Mirza are difficult to follow.

    As regards Nina Alagao, I also wondered why she did not make the first cut. If she only did, perhaps she could be Lara’s tough competition for the crown.

    That’s all.

    • As for Nina Ricci Alagao, there’s a youtube video of the Miss Universe 2000 preliminary competition.

      Her swimsuit performance was amazing.

      However, even though she did well in evening gown, the evening gown itself was a disaster – it did not fit her right ( a common problem during the Barazza gown years) and it looked way too plain. I feel she tried to carry it well but it wasn’t enough. Reports that she wanted to design the gown herself but Madam SMA still want her to wear that gown.

      And the infamous story of her prelim interview. Reports that a prelim judge called her narcisist when she could not stop talking about art. Maybe that was her demise

      • Oh, well. It’s saddening to hear such stories about her MU journey. I also read that she was too complacent that she’d make it in the cut considering her facial beauty and intelligence. I thought she was even stronger than Miriam Quiambao. But then again it is in the pageant proper that makes or breaks a candidate. In Nina’s case, she did not play her card well–or her card wasn’t carefully played for her.

  9. Having won miss world and miss universe twice, no doubt that India is a powerhouse!

    • Then, not anymore. The Philippines had replaced India winning MW, MI and MSupra in 2013. 8 Major crowns in 5 consecutive years. Let’s not talk about minor crowns coz it will drown us.

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