16 comments on “normannorman.com Exclusive: Interview with Miss Universe Guam 2018 Contestant Noelle Fuentes Uy-Tuazon

  1. I think she’s intelligent, beautiful, fighter and wild in bed😄hihihi
    Good luck girl & see u in MU2018😋

  2. Speaking of camps, I wonder which country KF is training for Miss International and Miss Universe this year???

  3. She’s definitely the one! Super ganda niya at humble. Beauty and brains talaga. Maganda siya with or without make up! Super bait din!
    FYI lang on her height, she’s 5’6 😉

  4. cge sali lang ng sali…wag mawalan ng hope…hanggat di overage go lang ng go !

  5. Since this is abt MU , can anyone explain why Cat is mad at Jonas and Megan? Did this start after MW 2016?

    • I don’t think she’s mad at either? Do you have proof? based on what I’ve heard, Jonas did not want Catriona to join any pageants after her top 5 finish.Be happy and content with it. It’s kinda like the MJ advice. But she had others influencing him like Harley and company and she ended up siding with him and look at where is now. I wish Jonas learns from this lesson: do not limit the girls he trains based on what he thinks is right. Let the girls try and try and try.

      • at ano nman karapatan ni jonas paRA PIGILAN ang mga girls sa pangarap nila? especially for someone like cat who is very deserving to have another shot in the world of pageantry…he does not own them in the first place. Ang role nya is to support the girls in their dream

      • If this is true, how about katarina who wanted to join mwp since she already did great during intercon. Even its a lower title concern nya pa din siguro yan. If she joins mwp at aces pa din sya what you heard is not true or liban nalang if he learned someting like what you said that he should not limit the girls joining a pageants again and again. Kahit naging training ground nila ang aces. Jonas have no rights to stop the girls joining another pageants.

      • Jed, I think for Katarina, it’s more than OK because Katarina deserves better than the Intercon title during BbP anyway. She could have won MUP and do so well at MU. So aiming for a more prestigious crown is not a bad risk. For Catriona, risking her MWP crown to try for the MUP is riskier in a sense that the competition is tougher and clearly there’s no “guarantee” but to me if the girl wants to do it then why not? Live and let live.

    • Im sure they are okay to each other. Lalo na kay meagan. Ive seen a video of cat with meagan and kylie.

  6. She’s the one . I don’t see anyone else winning MIss Guam just based on pics above

  7. Maganda naman sya. Pero hindi MUish yung pose nya sa harap.
    Mas bagay ganyang pose dun sa Fil-Am na na body-slam sa MdDo.

  8. Sa tingin ko matangkad, maganda at may pag-asa siyang masungkit ang korona. Kailanga abangan at alamin kung sino sa kanila ang mananalo

    Miss Universe Philippines Catriona Gray, 24 yo 5′ 10″
    Miss Universe Belgium Angeline Flor Pua, 23 yo 5′ 9″
    Miss Universe Guam Noelle Uy-Tuason, 25 yo 5′ 4″

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