15 comments on “Catriona Gray Q&A on The Bottomline with Boy Abunda

  1. Cat you’re so amazing!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Keep it up! #mamataysilasainggit

  2. My god she still sounds pretentious and robotic.
    She will never change I think

  3. One can be humble without having to be sweet. Take in the applause and compliments and glow in them. Miss Universe is confidently beautiful.

    • AdrianaLibog, “one” is naturallyamd genuinely sweet, personality niya yan. I would rather see her true self than pretend like a fierce, fierce-an na latina. Boba mo!

      • Bong700 Yes, you are the genius. Sweet is a euphemism. I don’t want to say the word because it will trigger her fandom. Probably beauty pageants are not really an achievement if she still doesn’t feel self-assured or behave like it is so.

    • Anong magagawa mo e sa talagang humble and sweet si Cat?
      Maka-comment lang e.

      • Yes, you and only you can comment. I can see that you are the best at it.

    • The Latinas bring on the fierce when it is needed. They are not the benchmark as the arrogance of some made themselves fall short of the Miss Universe yardstick.

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