25 comments on “Tokyo Awaits Ma. Ahtisa Manalo for Miss International Beauty Pageant 2018 on November 9

  1. Facially Stunning… In my opinion… Siguro mas maganda kung magsalita nalang siya straight sa tagalog or english wag na taglish… BL episode, 1 – 2 words english tapos tagalog na, it appears boring.

  2. it’s either mananalo sya or semi lang or clapper… ganyan lagi kapalaran ng Phils sa MI…it’s a hit or a miss (basing sa mga results ng previous MI editions)

  3. Ahtisa is very beautiful at mabait.i believe mananalo sya. But Hindi ganyan sya in person. Nag oa na naman ashes and queens sa photoshop. Siopao ho si ahtisa I pa rf nyo na lang . She doesn’t need the photoshop and angles. Face value nya lang uwian na

    • Puede ba I-photoshop ang video?
      She was gorgeous during the group interview with Boy Abunda.
      And she was very well-spoken , a close second to Cat.

      • Bonsai , I understand
        I just wanted to point out that she was gorgeous on that show

    • That’s why I’m wondering why they are altering her pics. Ahtisa have the same facial shape of charlene gonzales.Ahtisa looks like the actress fr India named Priety zinita. Ganun sya kaganda. No need for photoshop or pictures w side angles. They even keep framing her pretty face w her hair. Mag rf sya ng face. Or just show that beautiful face. Celebrate her youthful look Maybe that will be her edge
      She have the height face value and catwalk skills. No need for unnecessary photoshops

    • There we go again .. announcing to the world that he is the sublime commenter of this blog.
      OMG, inom naman ng kape para nerbyosen naman kahit Konti.

      • Of course, para lang makapag comment and disagree. Wala namang basis. Ang buhay insecure….

      • Anon , so ikaw lang magaling na puedeng mag-comment ng May substance.
        Tapangan mo naman ng konti yung kape para kabahan ka naman.

      • Where was the substance in your comment, after I said “her stance screams MI.”
        Lowlife troll…

  4. This girl is so young and yet so confident.
    If she doesn’t win MI, she should join MWP or re-join BP for MU .maybe in 5-6y , SMA is no longer involved .

  5. looking great ! another MI crown this year !! Pinas unstoppable superpower in Tokyo MI !!!

  6. So far the sandwich victories are – Poland in 1991 and 1993, Mexico in 2007 and 2009. Hoping Ma. Ahtisa Manalo will do the same this year

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