29 comments on “Krynica-Zdrój awaits Jehza Huelar for the 10th Anniversary of Miss Supranational on December 7

  1. Okay. What the heck is with that bouquet gift-wrapper looking outfit? Someone pls tell me that it’s just an early preparation for a Halloween costume because that outfit is horrid 😰

    • I kind of agree. I love Jehza and fee fashion style/forward-ness. Sometimes lang, she tends to be caricature-ish or costume-y. Parang nawawala tuloy yung focus sa beauty and body niya (let’s not even mention her mile-long legs). Pwede namang simple but not boring 🙂

      • I don’t think it’s Jehza’s fault? Idk di ba may stylist sila? Anyway, yes you don’t have to be Lady Gaga inspired to be called ‘fashionable’ or be fashion-forward. That pink top ruined the whole look, they could have let her worn a nice, white long-sleeves and it’d look good without looking too ‘safe’ if that’s what they were going for.

      • Tama ka, nope. Or since medyo outlandish yung top AND pants nya, she could have worn a simple top to go with her pants OR vice versa. Just not together. Anyway, opinion lang naman but I know she’ll do well.

        And @ Fabian, who asked you? You’re not even credible here.

      • Anon , who asked me ? You , of course.
        Isn’t that what u want? A response?
        Why post anything if u don’t want anyone to react ?
        U r presumptuous to say the least .
        Ang Arte mo , Tse hihihi

      • As I said, Fabian…..

        U r only here to troll and always trying hard to be relevant para mapansin, with your baseless comments and non stop opinions na always oxymoron-ish! Pero ano pa ba ang expected ko? I agreed naman before na I am here to always contradict your opinions because they are senseless and pointless. Not to mention opposite of what you opined earlier before. Eh ikaw, ano purpose mo dito or even sa mundo?

        Nagbigay lang aq ng comment, uptight na? Who died and made you king?

      • Anon, so I am the troll now ? Am I the one who says her outfit is cartoonish or costume-y?
        The relevant , the high-and-mighty Anon . U have to get his approvAl .. to count on this blog .

    • nope and I commented about her outfit, nothing about her as a person. Unlike you, who have already used the words uptight, presumptuous, etc. against the commenter when you have no idea. Perfect definition of a troll! Di aq ang nag comment about Loren Mar Artajos’ decision to join BBP (or dapat di na siya nag join) since she was already promoted to Miss Earth Phils after Imee’s resignation. So who’s acting high and mighty? Na parang dapat decision mo yun?!

      Pag nakabili ka na nang modo and class, gisingin mo ulit aq!

      • Anon, I said if I was Artajos., I Would not join other national pageants anymore having been been crowned MEP already .. totally diffferent from what U said above.
        Just the same , what gives u the right to advise these girls on what they can wear and what they can not … then criticize others for doing the same ? Who the h-ll do u think you are?
        Pls give me your address so I can send u some meds to take care of your delusions of grandiosity, u. Queen Anon.

      • I don’t see the difference between what I stated above than what YOU CLAIMED you stated. And even if, how can you even compare an opinion about the dress than squashing a girl’s prerogative or choice to compete? Nincompoop…

        And your name calling is getting old because it all reflects back to who you are. I’m not delusional, much less think than I am better than anyone here. Sa ‘yo lang, that I will admit!

      • Squashing a girl’s Dream ? Just because I said I would not join Binibini if I was Artajos ? My opinion must matter that much !
        And who r you to decide what outfit Jehza should wear or not ? Is that your decision to make ?
        Mood at class, I’m not offended at all.. coming from you .

      • Lol….examine this: opinion about an outfit vs opinion about career/life choice? Gets mo na? Yes, may difference!

      • And u don’t have to be offended….a thick skinned wannabes are always immune!

      • A thick skinned wannabe?
        What abt u ? A psychopath with a false sense of self-worth? Pls take your medication And get back to reality .

      • Three items lang ang common sa mga sinasabi mo: kape, pills and meds! And I don’t get it! Anong relevance? Hahaha….I’m so normal that I can see the craziness in you! And of course, we all need to feel worthy first bago sya mapansin ng iba. New concept ba sa iyo ‘yun? Di kita matutulungan dyan kung feeling basura ka! Pathetic! Admittedly tho’, I’m sad that I disobeyed my mom. She adviced me not to stoop down ever to lowlife! There you go!

      • Exactly that’s all u need – pills at kape – to screw u back to sanity .
        Stooping down to my level ? OMG , u have got the nerve to call me a lowlife !
        And a troll? U were the one who proudly said U could not wait for my next post …So Who’s trolling who?
        I’m hearing a sound of desperation …

  2. I just hope whoever styled Mariel de Leon & Rachel Peters last year will stay the hell away from our queens this year. Both Mariel’s & Rachel’s national cosumes & evening gowns were basic AF, if not downright unflattering & embarrassing (side-eyeing Mariel’s national costume at MI). Please give the job of styling our queens to whoever did Maxine’s wardrobe (except for her matronly final’s gown) & Katharina Rodriguez’s wardrobe. Both had wardrobes that were young & fresh & modern & fashion-forward.

  3. kahit miss u calibre pa ipadala natin sa supra di tayo mananalo dahil galit ang supra sa bbp org. gusto nila mas angat ang pageant nila kaysa mgi, intercon or globe.

    • Di ba mas mataas naman talaga ang Supra kesa sa ngi intercon at globe sa BBP?


      eto naman ranking di ba?

      • @ unorthodox : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Oh. I thought Supranational was downgraded, and Angkol Nawatt’s upgraded. Wasn’t that why he personally came over and witnessed Clenci’s crowning?

    • even after nanalo si mutya datul last 2013, hindi parin sikat and supra. forever minor pageant and supra

  4. Baka iunplace kasi di natuloy yung cebu hosting. Todo post yung fb page ng supra kay jehza before tinanggihan ng philippines ang request nila na sa cebu ihost, ngayon parang ampalaya sila.

  5. Para sa akin jehza is more on mi mold. Kailangan talaga nya mag multivitamins at milo for supra I’m not kidding I want the best for her so mas ok na ganda talaga siya. At Ang dancing skills and being comfortable w her sensuality. Ang maganda kay jehza yung body built nya nakapansin talaga sa supra.
    Sana manalo si jehza .

  6. I hope they will teach her to dance also. Since may dance move showdance sa finals. Kailangan she look queenly energetic during the finals.

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