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  1. Kim is just wasting her time as she is from KF !!! If she wants to win the main crown, she should transfer to Aces and Queen ASAP !!!! Hello Cynthia ???

  2. Bakit parang pakiramdam ko ay masasayang lang ang bawat Miss World Philippines na ipapadala sa lutuang pageant ni Julia Morley. Parang nagsasayang lang ng pagod ang pilipinas.

  3. Kay Kim De Guzman ako. I find Katarina’s beauty bland. Sana lang malakas ang BWAP ni Kim.

  4. Why is Katarina’s picture added in the post? It is kinda rude to the featured girl…hihihihihihi

    • Read mo yung by now gang sa matapos and there you will realize why. Tama naman at may point. Parang introduction lang before to write the main topic.

  5. It will be Katja’s time to shine. Gorgeous face, porcelain, glowing skin which reminds me of that South African winner and very spontaneous public speaking skills. And she has the HIV advocacy thingy as well.

  6. I hope MW will change their format again this time pero ung clear format para makuha ang semifinals upto winner. Hinde laking porsyento na mapapa question mark ka sa result na d mo malaman kung ano pinagbasehan. Kunin ang top 40 or top 30 sa mga challenges. Then maglalaban sila to test their public speaking. Then if top 40 trim down to top 20 or top 30 to top 15. Then maglalaban sila sa evening gown to see their MW awra. Then trim down top 10 if top 20 or top top 6 kung top 15. Then if top 10 they will battle for Q&A round 1 to trim down top 5. Then The top 5 will battle to Q&A round 2/final then announcing of winners. if top 6 they will battle for one/final Q&A to determine the winners. In that way kahit papano may idea ang viewers. Masyado nagpapakahirap ang MW sa ginagawa nila. They changed format for the sake of cooking show. MW queens should be a good speaker so in that way mas makikita mo talag sino Ang karapat dapat. Sana ganyan ang gawin nila.

      • Well mas kasiraan naman ng ulo ung current format. Miss world known as a pageant na kailangan good speaker/advocate ang manalo. So thats why i suggest this format. From the challenges they will trim down top 40 who will compete in Evening gown competition. Then trim down to top 20 who will compete for speech or casual inteview. Then trim down to top 10 then compete for Q&A round 1. Then trim down to top 5 and will compete for final Q&A to determine the winners.

  7. Rina, that Mr. Tinio tagged you despite the post being for Kim means YOU are! Recall how it was reported that you wished to decline your BBP-Intercon title ostensibly because you really wanted the MUP assignment. And that video of you with swollen eyes, telling fans you were OK but that you were allegedly reprimanded by Mr. Jonas Gaffud for it.

    But you composed yourself and plunged head-on to the Egypt campaign. And you impressed! Not just the followers and judges, but more importantly, YOURSELF. And you said, “… I am now a woman…” (or something to that effect).

    If you do not get the MWP 2018 title, stay constant to your enlightened and strengthened SPIRIT.

    Frankly, I am not so keen on Kim. But I want you to finally bag it this time. World, or otherwise…

  8. Auntie Norman owww😄
    Vaka fuedeng ikaw ang National Director nito🤗
    Ms. Wheelchair World-Philippines☺
    Divahhh mga sis😋
    Malaking Negosyo toh☺

  9. Mr. Tinio, here is what I wish to say concerning MWP 2018 : with three (3) crowns in the bag – RH, Multinational, and Eco-International – any talk of b2b would surely require decent enough follow-ups at the very least. And if the insinuation that Ms. Julia Morley would give us a better placement than Lehmann’s if ALV offered only MWP this year is valid, then what a bind poor ALV is in! 😦

    In any case, and if it is true as well that Sutton is also being groomed for MWP, then here will be how I would assign the campaigns, for now : MWP – De Guzman, RH – a “Euro-‘Nay” or “Latin-‘Nay” (born and grew up abroad. Baka puwedeng appoint na lang at special onsideration, at obviously walang pang residency sa Las Islas Filipinas), Eco-International – Sutton, and Multinational – Rodriguez.

  10. Is Kim a KF☺ kc KF ang dating ng beauty nya hihihi 🤗
    Kim and Eva P can be mistaken as sisters 😊 cherette
    Katarina is a sure winner sa MWP☺
    Kung mamalasin ay sa minor crown na naman ang makuha nya hihihi😄
    Nood muna tayo mga sis😋

    • I think ive read somewhere on facbook months ago that kim is now part of A&Q. If they’ll both join. I go for katarina as MWP. Then kim on eco for possiblle b2b. Sa RH i agree na sana appointed nalang which is impossible. This time kailangan talaga natin magpadala ng total package sa RH. Meaning dapat marunong din mag spanish. Hinde pwede abusuhin ang pag iingles. I think katarina know how to speak spanish right? If oo then ok na din sa RH pero mas bet ko sya sa mwp. How i wish nagbukod nalang si alv ng pageant for RH para naman sure spanish speaking ang manalo kaysa mag franchise ng mister supranational and mr world. Haysss.

      • @ Jed : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

        The gut reaction has been that Rodriguez was robbed at MIntercon, so she is egged to exact revenge in another pageant. I agree that she is of the World mold. But precisely because expectations are so high (for her), will we once again go berserk if Ms. Morley “bypasses” her? Ako, ayaw ko na. Kaya, i-a-assign ko na lang siya sa madali… (na mataas na rin ang bar dahil sa dunong ni Senoron).

        Now that you mentioned it, recall back in 2016 na nahirapang makahanap ng mas maraming sasali dahil the perception was that Catriona Gray was a sure deal, na formality na lang para sabihing nagka-Nationals (MWP 2016). Si Ms. Cory Quirino pa noon, and ALV entered the picture because he “supplied filler candidates from GMA-7” (or something to that effect…). To ensure such a scenario does not happen again and to entice more participation, pinasok ang RH, Multinational, and Eco-Intl. But of course, Ms. Morley would have preferred exclusivity… But again, ALV had to it.

        Perhaps taking the MrW franchise was ALV’s way to make it up to Ms. Morley. But yet again, to entice more participants, additional franchises became necessary. Hence, Supranational. AND YES, THE INAUGURAL MISTER (!) ECO-INTERNATIONAL.

        Mahirap rin ang sitwasyon ni ALV. So many agendas and interests to consider. He needs to attract sponsors. He needs to turn in a decent profit. Tandaan natin, contract sa GMA-7 ang premio. He also is looking for a face to launch. Or several faces…

      • @ Jed : Also, if ALV’s contract with RH organization does not require a pageant (meaning, all he has to do is provide a Filipinas rep, and the org will not care anymore how she was selected), baka puwede niya i-sucontract ang paghanap ng kinatawan sa patimpalak na ito. Na-discuss na rin ‘tong option na ‘to dito – subcontract a third party to do the search/casting. Find out! I think other countries do this…

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