46 comments on “5 Early Reasons why Bb. Pilipinas 2019 could be one of the Toughest Editions ever

  1. I heard Samantha Lo will suit up for MWP. Gigante will suit up for BbP after she’s done with her thesis. Smith is prolly returning come 2019. I heard Steffi Aberasturi might join come 2019 too.

  2. Nicole Guerrero for Miss Universe. She has the look of past beauty queens of Mid 2000s. She is so pinay na pinay and very pretty. Hoping she will join BBP and be crowned MUP.

  3. For now my bets for the next potential MUP will be Alita, apriel smith and lemonon

  4. Looks like Samantha Lo seems to have all the qualities as BB Pilipinas Universe followed by Leren Mae. Both ladies are ‘transformable’ as we say. Samantha just needs to work on her relateability factor to gain a stronger following. Leren has that balance of sultry yet sweet image that embodies a modern Filipina. Her eyes are her biggest asset. So far, these 2 ladies have caught my eye this early.

  5. MPU Nivole Guerrero
    MPI Samantha Lo
    MGIP Leren
    MInterconPhil Alita
    Miss GlobeP
    Miss Supra Sandra Lemonon

  6. Beauty-wise, leren and alita. Ewan ko lang if whats between their ears is adequate.

  7. If Apriel Smith will join, then can we expect Maria Gigantes to follow suit? 😀

  8. Steffi Aberasturi is the lady to watch up for. Always a winner sa lahat ng sinalihan. Kung baga sa boxing k.o. lahat

  9. I like them. Especially alita and sandra. But its too early for bbp2019 aspirants. I think its more interesting to know first who are the girls who will join mwp this year. Anyone here na may idea na malakas ang kutob na sasali. MW change their age req to 26 which is great. Si katarina na fe feel ko na sasali sya she will turn 26 this august medyo alanganin if next year sya sasali since 27 na sya next year. Sana payagan sya ng bbp since may contract pa sila til oct. I dont think mariel will join. Maybe next year. I want sandra lemonon to join too for mw or rh since she can speak spanish right? 24 sya this year if she join at magkatitle she can join pa rin sa bbp2020. Kung runner up again she can join bbp next year just resign as runner up.

  10. Sandra does not strike me MU material. Alita needs to exude that “dyosa” vibes that Iris possesses.
    Leren gives me that Maxine/Janine/Miriam vibe at the moment just by looking at her photos.

    Need to see more Samantha Lo. She seems like a chameleon beauty like Pia.

    • Curious lang aq since we have the EXACT SAME assessment kay Leren. May features siyang very similar kay Maxine and you moved it even further by adding comparisons kay Janine and Miriam na pak na pak din. But you didn’t really say if it’s a good thing or not. I love Leren even before this article. I’m just thinking if it’s too soon for a Maxine (or Janine/Miriam) clone for MUP?

  11. I hope my fave Bb. Pilipinas 2nd runner-up Samantha Mae Bernardo will try her luck again sa 2019 edition. 🙂

  12. Leren is for MIss Globe
    Samantha is for MUP or MGI
    Alita is for MUP MI or MGI
    Sandra is for MUP MI MGI Supra or Intercon
    I don’t know Nicole but she can be MGI

    It’s really hard to choose but my bet for MUP is Samantha Lo

  13. If these were the “last five standing” and assuming the Supranational franchise does go to ALV, I would assign as : Lemonon – MUP, Lo – BBP-International, Guerero – BBP-Grand International, Alita – BBP-Intercontinental, and Bautista – BBP-Globe.

    Hopefully, mine will be the 13th comment today. And 13 is a lucky number for me. 🙂

  14. Cebu will field deserving international crown winners like steffi Aberasturi, apriel smith and samantha lo.

  15. I think they will join next year Alaiza Malinao, Janela Joy Cuaton, Jona Lli Sweett, Koreen Medina and Vicky Rushton.

    • Alaiza seems very invested na sa modelling career nya, i don’t think she has any plans for pageantry na. Janela naman, if she joins, she’ll be one of my faves for sure and mag-MWP na lang si Vickie next year if gusto niyang lumaban internationally. The rest are patapon.

  16. Sa totoo lang walang pagkakaiba ang patimpalak sa darating na 2019 at sa darating na taon. Lalabas lang ang kanilang tunay na kulay at ugali tuwing may patimpalak yan ang marahil ang mag-iiba. Kapag sinuwerte ang kanilang paboritong kalahok sa patimpalak gusto nila siya rin ang mananalo sa ibang bansa. Kung puwede nga lang sila na rin ang magpuputong ng korona sa kanilang paboritong kalahok. Kung matatalo sa patimpalak lahat ay sisihin nila ultimo yung damit, sapatos, at yung sagot nila sa katanungan sa patimpalak, emcee at iba pa

  17. I am placing my bet on Samantha Lo, Angelica Alita and Sandra Lemonon, yan ay kung hindi nanaman sasablay si Sandra sa Q and A.

  18. If I remember correctly, Apriel Smith has also expressed her intentions to join next year (after finishing her reign as Bb. Cebu). She also made paramdam when she attended this year’s screening in support of her fellow AQ sisters apparently

  19. Agree, but I would love to see another oriental looking rep from us. Maybe Leren. Nicole’s beauty would be great too. Dusky Filipina but better facial beauty than Rachel Peters.

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