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  1. Is she now fluent in Spanish like she promised she will learn to speak?

  2. cno kaya ang susunod kay wyn2…ang tagal naman kasi ng crowning ng MWP uy! ano kaya plano ni ateh mo Arnold hihi

  3. Hopefully the next representative for RH is someone who speaks Spanish. Sana sumali ulit si Gabriela Ortega or Yung kapatid niya said MWP.

    I think tanggap na Rin naman ng RH org na nagiging stepping stone na Lang sila ng mga beauty queen wanna be for a higher endeavor. That is, purely “titular” Lang Yung pageant, na bahala ka na Kung anong gusto mong gawin after mo manalo. And to be fair naman Kay Wyn effort siya talaga mag story telling sa Paranaque sa mga Bata.

    Sana rin may mag launch ng separate pageant na ang mga titles at stake eh Yung puro South America based like United Continents, RH and in the future International Coffee Queen.

    Nevertheless, naging successful sa pageantry Sila Sofia del Prado, Raquel Pellisier and recently si Mayra Dias ng Brazil na puro mga alumni ng RH.

  4. Djusko all of a sudden, someone is hijacking this blog trying to pick a fight with someone… Kalurks!!!! hihihihihih

    Who has the time to write hundreds of comments here and spend the whole time waiting for a response… lol

  5. Haugthy Ana Winter. Bolivia daw not Honduras na proud ka pa kuno na you were just introducing Reina Hispanoamericana. Hahaha panis ka din pala. Thank you Anonymous.

  6. Bakit kaya may mga taong sobrang mayabang dito!!! Sukdulan sa yabang na ayaw magpatalo.

    • Sorry na po. Nadadala lang ng emosyon at bugso ng damdamin. Magbabago na po at hindi na mauulit. Back to regular programming na po. Enjoy your normannorman.com!

  7. Ang cute naman ni Kuya Norman
    Hindi patatalo kay Wyn2
    Btw, the print on his shirt what’s it all abt ? I see pitchers and cups etc

  8. Ms .Ana Winter ,
    Calling people names like bakla mamma Bisaya etc is way beneath you . You do not need that to make your point .
    Your English profiency is powerful enough to ward off your critics.
    Kukurutin kita sa ting—l.
    Tse hihihi

      • Adrian . I am more concerned abt clarity of tbought than minor spelling and grammatical errors . Ana has been here for a longtime so everyone knows her calibre when it comes to writing . That’s why no one dares to use her username because it will be very obvious . Only a few people can equal her .

      • Why all the praise? Is she whimpering and crying like a dog? Don’t fight her battles for her. She is an ugly person inside and out. I am more concerned about character. You praise her for the way she wards off critics when she resorts to name-calling. Hahaha she has zilch nil nada communication skills. She is just haughty with nothing to show for it.

  9. This Ana Winter got what she deserves. Honestly, Adrian might be annoying but what she did was more disgusting. Trying to get back at Adrian by making fun of him as a Bisaya is a wrong move. There’s nothing funny or glamorous about it. It must be known that Visayans are wrongly stereotyped as being inferior compared to the Tagalogs, which is an obvious result of colonial mentality. Ana Winter must have forgotten that there are prominent and influencial people in the Philippines who are Visayans, and they are just not merely house helpers. This is a form of racism in the local level and it is making the Philippines a less unified nation. There’s nothing degrading about speaking the Visayan dialect, and that is how it should be.

      • Calling someone “abnoy” doesn’t make you any better. You can even get sued for this. Just so you know, “abnoy” is a vulgar name for a member of an oppressed population in the world (i.e. the handicapped). Mind your manners and be careful of your words.

  10. Just to refresh of someone’s memory Teresita Ssen Marquez said during the final question “I am ready to promote the Hispanic culture, not just in Asia but in the whole world.” Did she accomplish the purpose of Reina Hispanoamericana? Did she really promote and spread the amazing culture, enchanting heritage and rich language of the Hispanic in the Philippines, Asia or any other parts of the world?

    • ano ka ba.. echos lang yun… kahit RHO alam nilang ka echosan lang pageant nila. lol

  11. Hi Ana Wilted na wa one-called organism hiding behind a pseudonym!

    On a beauty pageant stage (definite article The idiota!) Her catwalk skills is excellent (skill lang idiota, catwalk lang di ba, unless you want to enumerate what catwalk skills which I’m sure you can’t. Ang dami mong dada! Expert ka teh? In Wynwyn’s calibre? (with po idiota). Nagtry galingan eh fail pa rin! Pwe!

    • 1. Skill??? Are you kidding me?
      2. On a THE beauty pageant stage? You take note, idiota, that I had yet to introduce Miss Hispanoamericana pageant.
      3. Are you confused in using the prepositions “in” and “with”?

      Slow bitch clap, folks, then say — aaah, technical writer.

      Lol. That’s all!

      • Talo ka na. Nagdadahilan ka pa mali din naman dahilan mo. Galing-galingan Ana Wilted.

    • Alma Moreno is not a Bisaya but a true blooded Kapampangan, she’s from Macabebe, my hometown. Her father is Frank Lacsamana who belonged to a reputable clan in our town.

      • Thank you for correcting me. I appreciate it. She was only a devotee then of the Santo Nino.

      • Hahaha! Biglang segue sa “devotee ng Sto. Nino.” Makapalusot lang. Tanga kase. Lol.

      • Hahaha Ana Wilted! Pero ang hindi ka makalusot eh feelingerang classy Tagalog ka! Akala ko ba hindi mo na ako papatulan?! Hahaha patol pa more!

      • Ana Wilted, kung tanga ako. Bolivia daw hindi Honduras. So ano ka ngayon?! Tanga kase. Thank you! Hahaha

  12. Hi Ana Winter, one-celled organism. No identity. Hiding behind a tacky pseudonym. Hahaha

  13. Hi Ana Winter,

    Yun lang ang comeback mo? Schizophrenic? Psychiatrist ka na ngayon? Oh Ana. Throwing intelligent terms to sound good.

  14. Mr. Tinio is getting ever younger. Jojo Bragais is so cute. And with her flowy-soft day dress, Ahtisa Manalo should aim to bag Best Dresser at MI 2018 (photos in the FB page of Mr. Tinio), like Lubina.

    Tres fraiche, Madmoiselle Hispanoamericana! Doubt very much a b2b will be straightforward. And yes, it is after all a regional pageant, so we still need to play by their rules. They will not be so lenient again. My point : advise ALV to get agents to scout around for pretty “Euro-‘Nays” even NOW, perhaps in Madrid or Tenerife, and convince them to suit up for the RH Filipinas 2018 derby. We cannot rely on fellow candidates to translate the comings and goings for us forever. And because it takes time to even start feeling confident-comfortable with a foreign language, certainly not in a few months even with the guidance of a formal instructor. We owe Ms. Marquez a really good follow-up at the very least.

    And for those who keep insisting that ALV drop the minor brands as not to cheapen MWP, it may be good for you to know that the triple triumphs at RH, Multinational, and Eco-Intl apparently helped in convincing Gerhardt Von Lipinski to give the Mister Supranational Filipinas franchise to him. If ALV sends a really strong Mister to Krynca-Zdroj this year, one that will totally outclasss PEPPS’ Dela Serna and Campos and make a BIG impression, then that will all be the argument that is needed to also give the Miss franchise to ALV, as well. If that has not yet happened already…

  15. May kulang sa hinahanap nya para ma achieve 100% ang b2b sa RH. Kailangan fluent din sa spanish or at least. Hinde kase pwedeng abusuhin natin ang pag iingles don. Its a way of respecting na din sa RH. In short we need to send a total package in that pageant.

  16. Wynwyn is a true Filipina beauty who defines confidence on a beauty pageant stage. Her catwalk skills is excellent, in that she even outperformed girls from the powerhouse Latin countries during the Miss Hispanoamericana beauty pageant in Honduras. She may not be a superbeauty, however, her exotic look gave every lady in the Miss Hispanoamericana pageant a run for her money.

    If I were Arnold Vegafria or Jonas Gaffud, I’d get Wynwyn as resident trainer of MWP or A&Q, respectively. Perhaps, she can find time to train girls albeit her hectic showbiz schedule. I’d love to see pageant girls in Wynwyn’s caliber.

    That’s all!

    P.S. I just realized that this bogus technical writer hiding under the pseudonym Adrian is schizophrenic. If you could notice his posts in Tito Norm’s entry, he would answer and eventually correct himself, ‘no? He is not worth my time. Therefore, I won’t make patol na to this mammal. Hihihi!

    • Perhaps, better if you end your relationship with him in a good note. Oopps. Na-STFU ko pala siya kahapon. 😦

    • We are all mammals. You, on the other hand, is a one-celled organism. Pwe! Classy Tagalog kuno!

    • On a beauty pageant stage (definite article The idiota!) Her catwalk skills is excellent (skill lang idiota, catwalk lang di ba, unless you want to enumerate what catwalk skills which I’m sure you can’t. Ang dami mong dada! Expert ka teh? In Wynwyn’s calibre? (with po idiota). Nagtry galingan eh fail pa rin! Pwe!

  17. Her pageant win turned her into a reputable actress.
    Congrats , Wyn2

    • Huh? Why, how, and whhhaaaattttt? And I love Winwyn! I just don’t believe in your observation/statement.

  18. Can the MWP org just drop the other titles sa MWP? Mas naging cheap tingnan tuloy, hindi naman bigatin yung mga dinagdag na pageant eh nasasayang lang yung mga girls like Cynthia.

    • OK na rin yan dahil uuwi silang may crown kesa waley😄 hihihi
      Puede naman silang mag join sa ibang pageant just like what meoww did Divahhh😄 hihihi

      • Para kasing nabahiran na ng ka-cheapan pag sumali sa pageants like eco tourism, tourism of the world or wtvr na pageants ang nasa MWP na yan. Like say a Catriona-calibre girl joined MWP only to win a minor, chakang title. Pearls before swine ang peg, they’re wasted on them!

    • Teh, it’s a good a training ground, they can always join binibini naman di va

    • eh itong si NOPE just like his or her name is always “NOPE”…hihihihi eh bigatin ba ang Miss Globe at Miss Intercontinental???? hihihihi

      Let the girls fulfill their dreams of competing internationally. The fact of the matter is only one girl wins MUP and MWP every year.

      • 4M or fake 4M, whoever you are, mas may prestige naman ang Miss Globe at Intercon unlike pageants like the obnoxious unlimited tourism titles, kung ano mang pageant yung sinalihan ni Sophie Sintoron ba yon? (Which was, bagay naman sakanya char!), and Reina Hispanoamerica which sounds like it’s exclusively for Hispanics only davah.

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